You may have to get your secret decoder ring to decipher the title. Get it? Well, are you? Do you have enough creative outlets and enough creative expression in your life? I’ve heard that if you suppress your creativity it will go directly to your hips!

Creative, which comes from the word create, has the following origins: from L. creatus, pp. of creare "to make, produce," related to crescere "arise, grow". Creator for "Supreme Being" Creative is from 1678, originally literal; of the arts, meaning "imaginative."

So are you making, producing, arising and growing at the level that you desire in your life? If so, great! You are undoubtedly using some forms of creative expression. If you are not, however, then I would invite and encourage you to introduce more creativity to your life.

When I ask people about their creative outlets, what I often hear back is that they don’t know how to draw or paint. That is a rather limiting view of creativity, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s think for moment about all the different creative expressions: Painting, drawing, sculpting, pottery, etching, singing, dancing, poetry writing and reciting, photography, calligraphy, digital artistry, landscaping, creative investing and house purchasing...shall I go on?

There are literally an infinite number of creative outlets because you and everyone else have of their own unique creative expression. The key, and the only key, is to simply release it.

What stops you? You are afraid of how you will look or what others will say or think. Right??

It is time for you to cut loose. Take some risks and creatively express yourself like never before.

You will be amazed how wonderful it feels when your unique expression is fully expressed. The world will thank you for it, as we most definitely need some new ways of expression. And you will thank yourself for taking control of your life and not allowing your made-up stories and fears or others reactions from your unique and creative self-expression.

Go for it...

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