What Do Personal Development, jumper cables, and batteries have in common. Here is a story that will bring clarity to the type of battery you want under your hood. This battery has a lifetime warrantee, I know it works.

You hop into your car on a cold morning and turn the key in the ignition. Nothing happens only a click from under the hood. What Do You do?

The first response most might consider is to grab a pair of jumper cables and get a jumpstart. Others may just call their dad or husband, maybe the neighbor. But the remedy will probably be the same. Someone will hook up some jumper cables and borrow some "juice" from another car to get you up and going.

Using this analogy, we often have to create or borrow juice from some source in order to keep our internal batteries going too. I like to equate personal develoment with preventitive maintanence. A tune up of sorts or a battery charger if you will.

Often times its not trying harder or working longer that will move us closer to our goals but rather a different approach or energy source.

Lets compare the two differing perspectives of motivation. One being to move away from pain the other being to move toward pleasure.

If we could look at these two motivational foundations as batteries we could see two very diffent kinds of energy. Both energy or motivation sources will move you, as they both have power. Lets look at the first. Moving away from pain as a motivator.

When we move away from an uncomfortable situation or a frustrating situation we feel accomplishment in proportion to the distance we percieve we have moved. The issue with this motivating energy is that the further you get away from your energy source, the thing you were trying to escape, the less power you will have. You loose the momentum you had created and the latter life will drift back until you are motivated by the pain of it when it gets close and real enough.

Lets look at the second battery now, the second energy source and motivator. Moving toward pleasure. Try visualizing excactly where you want to be. Whats the ideal you, or the perfect day, what do you feel like. Assuming you have developed a goal of exactly where you want to go and the benefits of being their we can begin.

As you think about the things you want in your life and the way your relationships are being managed, as you see yourself moving toward the place you want to be you will begin to feel a new energy. A powerful, focused, compounding energy that seems to propel you in the direction of your dreams. The old life is falling away partly because of the lack of thought time your giving it and you begin to realize your new life at a faster and faster rate. The closer you get to your ideal life that you have designed the more power you recieve to move even faster.

These two energy fields or batteries both produce activity and movement. Choose the second. Knowing what you want and being clear on your goals is like putting a battery in your car that has a built in battery charger.

Knowing where you want to go, knowing you have the power to get there, and getting a little help along the way is by far the simplest way to achieve anything in life. Do a gut check and ask your self, which can I describe better, the things I don't like about my current life or the life I have built in my mind and on paper of exactly the way I would like it to be. Once you can describe where your going and love it, where you have been will fade a way.

Author's Bio: 

Joe Crawford is an entrepreneur and authors a group of successful home business ideas websites. Writing mostly about business opportunities and small business ideas that can make an impact both financially and personally. If you thinking of starting a business give them a read.