Personal Awakening is a process of unfolding and uncovering. To awaken is to come to know and be more of who you are. It is a deep personal process, and can show you what beauty lies within you and what clouds this beauty from your own eyes. It is called an awakening because, just as from your nightly dreams, you come to a focus in a new day.

The process of awakening is one of definition and release. Each aspect of life and spiritual connection stirs new insights and helps release older patterns, which have become fixed ways of being. As you move through these patterns, you are awakened to a new self, a clearer self. You have greater definition. Your perceptions are not vague or clouded by societal or family beliefs. You become more able to differentiate what is true as a spiritual recognition and what is a convenient way of life, which has outlived its purpose. Your inner Divine nature shines more easily and reveals itself to you and the world.

There are times when personal awakening can be confrontational. When you look deeper into your own self, situations may present themselves to you. You may notice that you feel put-upon or anxious. You may feel some anger, frustration or a little depression. These are emotions that can guide you to those areas or beliefs against which you are struggling to be free. Uncomfortable emotions point the way to issues that you may have about authority, strength, purpose, clarity, relationship, finances, trust, appreciation, recognition and love.

When you are engaging in these emotions, it is best to recognize that often it may look as though someone is doing this to you. You may point away from yourself to another as your designated culprit. Blaming others does not serve your awakening. It is a distraction. It does not accelerate or ease personal spiritual awakening. If you are feeling confronted, grant yourself inner space. Don't react immediately. Just watch. Take notes. The issues you are reacting to may not even be directed toward you. They may be circumstantial. They may be generic. If you are reacting to them, you are taking a position against them.

From this centered place within, ask yourself what issue this brings up for you.

What position are you taking?
Do you always react to these circumstances or events?
What does this trigger in you?

The questions can reveal the area of passage into a new state of being. The questions can lead you to a deeper understanding of why you react, what you believe and you can move through it gracefully.

Your spiritual path is an awakening. Sometimes awakening is through epiphany, sometimes it is through struggle. Often times, there is a little of each. Through the epiphany, you see the beauty that lies within you. Through the struggle, you see what clouds that beauty from your own eyes. Both reveal the splendor of the Universe within you and can guide your journey of truth.

Joyous awakenings for your being.

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