In the title, I indicate that you will be communicating with "Past Relatives." I wanted to use the phrase "Dead Relatives." In using that terminology however, I might bring up images of live individuals.

Remember the old Archie Bunker series on television? Archie called his son-in-law, "Meathead." When people asked Archie, what do you mean by Meathead? He would tell them, "My son-in-law is dead from the neck up." Some people perceive their living relatives this way.

Let us begin by contacting those relatives whose bodies are not present and their glorious spirits are present.

When my hypnotherapy clients tell me that they would like to be in contact with one or more "past" relatives, I give them the following 3 quick steps.

Step 1: Relax and clear your mind.

Clear your head of all the problems and concerns of the day. You want to focus on just one person who has past to the other side.

Say that person's name to yourself as you read this exercise.

Tell the past relative out loud, "I am open to communicating with you. Thank you for the honor of communicating with you again."

Step 2: Picture the person you wish to contact.

Breathe deeply and relax. As you exhale, allow all of the tension to leave your lungs.

Visualize a picture of your past relative or remember a scene in your life when your loved one was present.

What kind of clothes was he wearing? What is in the background of the picture?

As you focus on this picture, remember the personality. Did your past relative tell a unique story? Is there a funny story about your relative that makes you laugh?

Remember all the good things about this loved one.

Step 3: Use all of your senses.

Is it difficult picturing a past relative? Many people cannot create a visual picture and yet are able to make contact. They accomplish this feat by using their other senses.

You can employ your other senses to communicate effectively.

Did your past relative smoke a pipe or use some type of fragrance?

As you breathe deeply and relax, remember the smell. You may be able to remember so vividly that you smell the pipe or fragrance.

Did your loved one like to eat a certain type of food? As you think of her, remember the type of food she liked. Pay attention to your salivary glands. Are you beginning to salivate? Can you taste her favorite food?

Focus on your sense of touch. Do you feel his presence? Do the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?

Use your sense of hearing to listen for clues that your past relative is around. Do you hear her favorite song on the radio? Can you hear his voice as that little voice inside your head?

Always remember that you are never alone. Your past relatives are still with you every day. It is easy and fun to keep them with you always. Share your joys and your sorrows with your past relatives. They always want to be a part of your life.

The darkness that you felt up to now from a death will soon turn to a new light that will brighten all of your days.

Wayne F. Perkins

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Wayne Perkins, Hypnotherapist
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