You can make a lot of money on the Internet. Those who are the most successful make the bulk of their money from their lists. To be truly successful, you need a large (and growing) list. List building is one area where size really does matter, the bigger your list, the bigger your income. And the better your squeeze page, the faster your list will grow.

A squeeze page is web page where visitors sign in and subscribe to your list. The primary (first) link in all of my articles will point to my squeeze page.

With each article I write, I have two goals in mind. My primary goal is to entice readers to opt into my list. My second objective is to offer some sort of promotional sale item that viewers may be interested in buying. Granted, only a very small percentage of people will make a purchase after seeing a single article, but it is money just the same. Follow the guidelines below to build that perfect squeeze page and start generating those huge long-term profits.

Make sure your opt in box is ‘above the fold,’ that means, you will see this box without having to page up, page down, or otherwise use your mouse. Your opt in box should have a place of prominence on your page. I’ve heard some people say that they increased the conversion percentages substantially by moving their opt in box to the top. Although I must admit, I have not done that sort of research, so I can’t be certain about that.

There should never be any distractions on your squeeze page. No ads of any kind, no links, no nothing! Your one and only goal is to convince the reader to opt in. Do not give your visitors an opportunity to click on an item and leave your page.

Your long-term success depends upon the quality and quantity of your list. Don’t be afraid to tweak your squeeze page. Then, make sure you test the results to see which page performed better. Remember, the long-term money is in your list, and the size of your list is directly related to the quality of your squeeze page. The information in this article is taken from an excerpt of my ebook, Super Charge Your List, which is available at my website.

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