Are you being kept up late at night worried sick that youwould never be able to find or keep your true love becauseof a rival? Suspecting your date, lover or your spousehaving an extramarital relationship? Here's what you coulddo so you could win back the one you love and keep them!

(1) Show your partner you respect their choices more thananyone else.
Do not do anything or say anything which forces your partnerto do things or see things your way! If they have to maketheir choice whether they want you or the other person, givethem no excuses to leave you for somebody else, show themyour respect! No one likes to live under the control ofanother person. Your partner will more likely choose you ifyou can show him or her that you are willing to give themthe freedom to make their own choices and respect his / herwishes.

(2) Do not try to Compete
Do not try to compete with your rival, if you have onearound. When you are competing, you are struggling, and whenyou are struggling, you create a lot of negative energyaround you, leading to unpleasant experiences with thepeople who just happen to be with you. Instead, try tocreate opportunities that lead to positive experiences,especially with your partner around. Let your partner feelthat they can feel more at ease when he or she is togetherwith you. Let your partner feel more comfortable beingwith you than with somebody else.

(3) Avoid discussing issues relating to your rivals.
Whenever you are with your spouse or lover do not keepasking or questioning them on issues relating related toyour rival (Examples: "Where did you go yesterday?" "Whatdid you give her¡­", "Why does he / she do this¡­", you getwhat I mean). Asking such questions would only put hisdefense system on autopilot and his / her replies to youmight not be truthful too. Most often than not, suchdiscussions lead to unpleasant experiences with yourpartner, both of you might even fight or quarrel over aninsignificant issue and further ruin your relationship. Sogive your partner freedom of choice. Let them do whateverthey want and like, and you will find that they willappreciate your understanding. If your partner finds thathe/she can breathe easier when being with you than with theother person, they will come back to you, with no effort onyour part!

(4) Stop clinging to your spouse or lover like sticky glue
Recall the type of person you once were when you firststarted seeing and dating your lover or your spouse. That'person' you once were is the person whom your lover orspouse once loved deeply. Be that 'person'. When you werethat 'person', you were someone who did not cling to yourpartner like a parasite. You were independent, carefree, andfull of zest for life! This is the real 'you' whom yourpartner love and like to be with. So drop all thoseattachment. Practice detachment instead. If yourrelationship is failing, other people will tell you 'Yourpartner has changed.', or 'People change. This is life.'Instead, pause for a moment and ask yourself "Has mypartner really change? Or is it I who have changed?" Haveyou changed to someone who has become too demanding or controlling in your relationship? Your partner love you for who you are. So 'be' that independent person you once were!

Keep the above tips in mind, and you can be sure that youwill the heart of the one you love without any effort onyour part!

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