Our thoughts are our only "real" possessions. For wherever we go, whatever we do, they are always with us. They either uplift and inspire us or they burden us with negativity and heaviness. I would like to explore the role of thought in our life and how powerful our thoughts and their subsequent emotions really are.

Usually, most of us barely pay any attention to what we are thinking. We spend more time choosing the clothing we wear, the food we eat, the car we drive, than we do choosing the thoughts we have.

Yet, our thoughts have a profound influence on us. How we feel, how we act, what we attract or repel in our life is wholly the result of the kinds of thoughts we "choose." In fact, all the experiences that come to us in our lives, every circumstance, relationship, possession, "luck" (good or bad), indeed everything that comprises our daily experience, is a result of the predominant thoughts we hold and the feelings that accompany those thoughts.

How is it that our thoughts and feelings create what we experience in our lives? It is because of a simple universal law: "like attracts like." What this means is that we attract experiences that are of a similar vibration to our predominant thoughts and feelings. Let's look at an illustration of how this works.

Suppose you want to have more prosperity in your life. Perhaps a flood of very large bills has unexpectedly come in; the car needs a major repair, or even worse, to be replaced; or you might feel a desperate need for a vacation welling up inside. You are very keenly aware of what you most want in your life now: "more money."

Keeping in mind the law that "like attracts like," there are basically two ways to think and feel about this topic. If the person in this example feels negative about her circumstances, focusing upon the lack of money: "I never am able to pay my bills.” “Something always goes wrong with my finances.” “No matter how hard I try, I can never get ahead," etc., a negative signal is sent to the universe.

Since "like attracts like," what will she attract: money or the lack of it? The universe hears this familiar "moneyless" signal, strong and clear; and it responds with more of the same: more unpaid bills, more financial difficulties, still no new opportunities to get ahead, etc.

On the other hand, if this same person, after becoming aware of her desire for more money, begins to imagine how wonderful it would feel to have all the bills paid; imagines the nice, soft hum of a new car while driving down the road; and fantasizes feeling deeply rested while sitting on an exotic beach, she would begin to attract a totally different experience.

Again, since "like attracts like," she would have begun to send a new signal to the universe: one of plenty and abundance. In time, bit by bit, she would attract the people and circumstances that would allow for what she is dreaming of: all the bills paid for, a new car, a relaxing vacation, and more of the joy and ease she desires.

What is amazing about this process is that it doesn't matter whether our thoughts are being chosen deliberately and consciously, or whether they are selected by "default" in a habitual, mindless, unexamined way. They affect us in the same manner. In the end, conscious or not, we are the creators of our experience. The universe will deliver to us whatever we want. But we cannot ask for a particular thing to come into our lives while we, at the same time, believe we can't have it. It doesn't work that way. We can't say I want a new, red BMW convertible, and at the same time lament that we can't afford it.

The way we feel in any moment is the result of the thoughts we have chosen to dwell on. If we could send the universe a pure signal of what we really want, both in thought and feeling, our life experience would be a much closer match to our desires. The way we feel or "vibrate" is our point of magnetic attraction. The universe does not hear our words; instead, it feels our vibration and sends us more of the same, either positive or negative. What is important to remember is that the thoughts we think create an "energy signature" or vibration around us; and, over time, this vibration sets into motion the kinds of experiences we have.

As human beings, we have been given this incredible gift called “life.” This gift of “life” gives us access to an unlimited supply of pure, positive universal life force energy. Our ability to think is the mechanism by which we summon this life force to us and then "mold" it into whatever we want. We "mold" the energy with the kind, quality, and intensity of the thoughts and corresponding emotions we have. With each thought and feeling we choose, we begin to attract and create something.

So, negative emotions are actually an early guidance system that let us know we are "mis-creating," so to speak. In other words, in that very moment of negativity, our emotions are signaling to us that we are currently focused upon thoughts which are drawing into our life the opposite of what we really desire. Therefore, our feelings are a very important barometer that we need to carefully monitor.

When we stay stuck in negative thoughts, we restrict the flow of the pure, positive, creative life energy that is constantly streaming to us from the universe. So, just as our bodies would respond negatively to the restriction of oxygen, our lives and spirits respond negatively to the restriction of this pure positive energy when we are caught in negative thinking. We can control how much pure positive energy comes to us by the way we think. We can learn to master this powerful energy and be masters of our lives.

Let's look at another example to illustrate this point. Suppose you want very much to develop a loving relationship with someone, but somehow you can never seem to get it to happen. If you honestly examine your thoughts about this subject, you will, for sure, find that you have thoughts that oppose your desire for companionship: i.e., feelings of being unworthy of love, feelings that your freedom would be restricted, etc.

But know that these thoughts, no matter how habitual and deeply ingrained, can be changed. As they are faced and seen for what they are, then embraced and accepted, they can gradually be replaced, thus bringing about the desired change.

The bottom line is this: you cannot expect to receive what you want when the way you feel deep, down inside is its opposite. When you feel unworthy of love, you cannot attract a companion; when you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity; when you feel overweight, you cannot attract slimness; when you fear illness, you cannot attract health.

Yes, your habit of getting stuck in thoughts is years old; and habits can be quite tenacious. Yet, you can learn to gain mastery over your thoughts. This can be done simply by cultivating a constant awareness of how you feel. For when you realize that you are feeling "off," it is a sure sign that your thoughts are "off," too, and that you are attracting into your experience what you do not want.

So, to change this feeling, trace back and determine what thoughts created the feeling. Then gradually change your thought pattern from a negative one to a positive one. This will then change your vibration. And in time you will manifest what you really want.

It is only by slowing down and observing your patterns of thoughts and feelings that you can ever escape the prison of your old beliefs and fears. Then you can learn to develop new patterns, thus manifesting new experiences that are a closer match to what you really desire. Begin with the smaller issues in your life and in time you will also be able to handle the "biggies."

Each moment need not be a repeat of the past, but instead can be and is a moment of new creation, of new beginnings, of incredible richness and potential. So, learn to listen to your feelings; they will definitely give you very reliable feedback on what you are thinking and therefore creating.

This is the art of self-mastery--the art of mastering life. What so few people realize is that we are capable of choosing the thoughts we think, and, therefore, attracting experiences that make life “good.” Though we may believe, at times, that our thoughts "think" us, they do not. We can and do choose our thoughts.

You have the power and ability to create a whole, new life for yourself-- a life of joy, freedom, peace and more. Just claim it!!!

Know that peace of mind is just a thought away; it is a choice you can make in any moment. And so too, are beauty, love, happiness, joy, power, wisdom, all just a thought away! Be patient and loving with yourself and in time you will succeed.

As Michelangelo said about the beauty of his statue David:
"He was there all the time; he just had to be freed".

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