The Pay It Forward (PIF) Student Mentoring Program is about empowering kids and helping each and every one of them realize that they can make a positive difference in others lives. Children in the classroom will also have an opportunity to take part in a global competition involving creating a world logo and/or flag (We, The World Contests).

All students interested in participating are asked to submit a one-page paper detailing how they may be of value to a younger child or classmate. Could it be with their homework? Could it be with sports? Conflict resolution? Mediation? Big brother/sister? Ultimately, one child will be chosen by the teacher (and or class) as a WTW Ambassador For Peace. This ambassador would be responsible for collecting the entries for the world flag/logo contest, and submitting them for the competition.

The new WTW Ambassador helps form multiple PIF mentoring programs from those interested in participating. Mentors are then matched up with students and corporate sponsors. Many students participate as mentors as well as mentees.

At this time, we are acquiring corporate sponsors for these programs, to raise funds for participating non-profit organizations who help implement these mentoring programs. The corporate sponsors receive advertising from multiple PIF organizations. An example would be: The United Way and Steve’s Automotive are helping Jane Doe Pay It Forward at the XYZ Middle School.

Author's Bio: 

I attended San Diego State University and earned a degree in recreation. I chose recreation because it seemed the easiest four-year exit from college. I’ve never been academically oriented. However, a college degree was a family expectation that I felt necessary to achieve so I did. At 21 years old, in my senior year, I had absolutely no idea what my life was all about or what my purpose in life could be, until I took a class called “Camp Leadership”.

In camp leadership class, I was given a test which consisted of 5-10 problematic situations that I was expected to solve. On this test, I was capable of using my creative mind to come up with solutions to these problems. The reason I tell this story, is because I want people to know that it was at age 21, that I realized I had the ability to creatively use my thoughts and turn a negative situation into a positive one. I would achieve this by creating fun and games with my own mind. However, at 21 years old I didn't yet know how I could use this talent to benefit others. It was not until 29 years later that I realized that I could use these skills to train others to utlize their mind in a more positive way, and control their thoughts so that they could improve their lives.

Ever since I have begun helping people improve the quality of their lives, my level of happiness seems to have grown exponentially and gradually improves even more everyday. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had discovered at age 21, how I could use my creative abilities to help others . Would I have had a 29-year head start in my progress? Giving to others makes me happy all the time! I know deep in my consciousness I had always wanted to make other people happy, but didn't realize that I had the ability to make a difference and truely affect people's lives.

My point is that it took me many years to finally realize the 12-Second Solution. Ever since I was the guest on the "Life Camp Show," I hear that more and more people are now practicing this skill in their daily lives. If we can teach ourselves how to be happy within we are one step closr to achieving world peace! I say we stop blaming everyone else and work on ourselves. I don't care which book you read or which tape you listen to on "Self Improvement/Self Growth" it can only be beneficial. I welcome your comments - AUnitedWorld@gmail.com