Wait a minute. That doesn’t sound like a fantastic deal, does it? We’re an instant gratification society we want to have it all now, and worry about how we’re going to pay for it later. Hmmm, that puts you and your proposition in an awkward position now doesn’t it?

It certainly isn’t funny if you’re one of the noble folks trying to sell life insurance. You’ve got a tough job you don’t need any help making things harder, so how about if we think of some ways to make things a little easier? I already pointed out one fatal flaw in the title of this article, lack of an apparent instant reward, other problematic issues include: use of the word pay versus investment, the fact that it’s talking about a product, and it mentions the “d” word that absolutely repels most prospects.

It’s no wonder no one wants to talk to you! To turn your magnetic attraction on, and your repulsion factor off you’ll need to change the way you speak about yourself and what you do. Otherwise you’ll continue to walk around wearing the cologne “Fresh Skunk Road Kill”.

You will increase your magnetic attraction when you understand what your prospects want, and then frame how you talk to them in those exact terms. Your sales prospects want: an immediate reward for making a buying decision now, to make investments that are greater in value than the cost to get them, to eliminate their biggest pain or get an exciting gain, and to live forever in the hearts of others. Evaluate what you say and how you’re saying when you talk to suspects and prospects now.

If you were them and someone said to you what you’re saying to them, how would you react (now be honest with yourself here)? Your mental radar would tell you to move away quickly. Your job is to reframe what you say in terms of what they want to hear in ways that evoke the emotion tied to their buying motivation. No one makes a “yes” buying decision unless the motivation to take action is greater than the motivation to take no action.

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