Do you ever experience those moments when you find yourself propelled back to some past (usually traumatic) incident that you would just as soon forget? Or how about when you begin to think about your future and it devolves into a big worry fest? If this sounds familiar, then it's time for some change.

With the Law of Attraction, the Universe never distinguishes between the past, the present, or the future. The Universe merely picks up on whatever feeling you are emitting, and sends back to you similar situations that resemble that feeling. If you are thinking about the past and are reliving a negative situation over and over again, and are attaching some strong emotions to it while you do, you can bet that the Universe will soon be sending more the same feeling to you in the form of a similar (and, to you, a familiar) situation. The same goes for your future. If you are contemplating how you are going to exist on your "meager" salary in the coming year, and as you do, become negatively or fearfully worked up over it, the Universe will once again zero in on that feeling and generate a similar feeling to be delivered right back.

You don't have to guard every thought; just be aware of how you are feeling. It's not the thought so much as the feeling that causes things to start moving your way. Make a conscious choice to observe your feelings you are emitting.

Creating a New Life

You want to create your life in the now. If you are creating this beautiful goal for yourself and you see it happening in the future, it will remain in the future. Feel that it is happening now. Visualize it as if it is happening this very moment, and feel it in the now. This creates the good, strong, positive emotions that will have the Universe bringing back to you exactly what you are feeling. Thank the Universe for already taking care of it, and feel grateful and thankful that whatever you desire has come to pass ¯ and then let it go, and let the Universe get it together for you.

Break the Cycle

Some people wonder why their life seems to be always on a repetitive cycle. They may encounter situations that just keep repeating time and time again. This kind of cycle must be broken. Mulling the same past memories can keep you in the same pattern. Break the pattern. You don't need the memories that hurt you. Hang on to the ones that make you feel wonderful, and revel in those. See your future as a bright star that you can see now, not a "groundhog day" life of repetitive, hurtful experiences. Everyone has been hurt in some way or another, but we don't have to subscribe to reliving the negative experiences. Instead, we can learn from them through observation and acknowledgement, while keeping the feelings clear of a highly charged emotional past. Break the cycle.

And do your best to be grateful for your past experiences. Past experiences can teach you so much about yourself, and only help you on the path that you are walking today. Many past experiences show us what we want and don't want. That is a major step in the Law of Attraction; knowing what you don't want and moving toward what you do. If you remain within the "don't want" experience, you will continue to get exactly what you don't want directly from the Universe. So make sure to observe what you have learned without getting roped into the hurtful feelings of the past, unless, of course, you somehow prefer those feelings and want more of their effect on your life.

Your past, present, and future really play a role in achieving what you desire through the Law of Attraction. Make sure to be aware of what you are feeling as you attain what want, while living your life through the Law of Attraction.

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