Regardless of your internet skills, you can have your very own Easy Video Lead Capture System to build a massive contact list quickly and convert that list into subscribers and buyers of your products and services!

In our first topic (see Part 1: List Building In Video Advertising filed under Media Marketing), we covered how to build proper web site pages to generate web site leads. The video shows you how to structure and place a header, headliner, video, body, a compelling free offer and a lead capture system.

In our second topic (see Part 2: Online Video Best Practices for Desire & Trust filed under Media Marketing), we covered how to generate ultimate trust and desire in your list, so that they become your devoted fans and web customers. The best way to gain trust is through constant contact in video. One of the most effective ways is to use video through email by consistenly linking your contact list to your video blog! That leads to creating interactive discussions through comments and replies…powerful!

First, start with your Easy Video Lead Capture System. Second, consistently link your email campaign to 4 or 5 video tips on your Video Blog. Then, from your 6th email, post your video that sells your product or service. Rinse and repeat! That’s what creates desire, trust and a fan base.

Regardless of your technical abilities, Easy Video Producer can take care of all of the above FOR you and you can sign up FREE! You can ‘point & click’, and embed your ‘money video clip‘ into a lead capture system to build YOUR massive contact list.

I created this 3-Part Series in MyIncomeBlog to help you to understand the fundamentals of an effective video lead capture system. More importantly, how to generate a know, like and trust factor from your leads, to build your Online Internet Income!

Watch Video 3: How Easy Video Producer Helps You Build a Trusting List

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