Everyone is talking about this girl. If she gets this much media attention at her age ,what will it be like 40 years from now? Do you think Paris Hilton suffers from anxiety? I am sure she does because anxiety does not select just everyday people but as we have read and seen, anxiety even comes to visit rich celebrities.

As we know from our own experiences, anxiety is like disease, it goes where the conditions are right inorder for it to survive.

I am talking about Paris Hilton anxiety because the point here is to use her celebrity as a point of reference.

Her feelings of anxiety are every bit as real as the rest of us.

You may not like her for whatever reason but I believe we never really know anyone to the extent that they know themselves. It is not up to us to assume we know anything real about her, as the media has done such a job of bringing her daily life into our homes with a scandalous twist to every detail.

Just as Paris Hilton has her issues ,so do we ,only our lives are not plastered in every possible media source around the world. It is a sad state of affairs when the majority of anxiety sufferers and the rest of the mental health community can not get equal time for its cause.

The media is talking about her doing some good works out in the world in order for her to regain public popularity. My suggestion would be, if I could speak to Paris and give her some advice as to what she could do with her life and some of her money, would be to invest in helping the anxiety community and in so doing she would be really doing some honest good.

This would help her as well because this condition is at world wide epidemic proportions and to study and learn about anxiety would give her insight into how a lot of people live on a daily basis as well as how suffering from anxiety is not hopeless.

There are many programs and techniques that she could educate herself about.

I wonder if anyone has suggested this possibility to her. Many famous people get involved to help society. She would have some personal knowledge to draw on when she told her own story.

The news media has not taken this view on Paris Hilton that I know of.

She should come to check out our book: Anxiety Ended-Regain Your Freedom And Overcome Your Fears

The Regain Your Freedom Technique is one that we all can do as it is easy and does not require any new skills. We already know how to read, write (in diaries and journals) and we can talk to ourselves (self-talk).

If you choose to combine the techniques you are already using with the ones in our book, that is also an excellent way to get the tools needed for eliminating anxiety.

I suppose you may say that my idea of Paris Hilton helping the anxiety community is far reaching, but I believe that all people can help in some way. We are all part of the same big picture or puzzle, so whether we are famous or not we all have a place in the world.

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