In order to have children who are sovereign and well adjusted it is vital for non co dependent relationships to be present between parents especially during the phase of the child’s life when the individual is maturing dating and beginning to engage sexually.

What is over protection? Is it a parent wanting to protect the genetics that it gave to the child as the parents imprint of what is correct because of he parents wisdom? A child has no wisdom if it is not recognized as sovereign to experience it. Blocking that with over protection may create insecurity and or rebellion. Neither creates a stable individual in society that is then not inconvenienced in weaning off of ineptitude through whatever services are offered by caring individuals and/or intense self examination with questions forming.

Parents and educators may give young people dating related information to the degree that their wisdom and education is in vibrational harmony with the desire of the offspring’s mind to experience. If there are gaps there then controlling or worrying behavior towards the dating offspring is an indication to the parents that their own personal evolution has not been tended to; this creates generation gaps of broken communication and rebellion.

Children are not property in sovereign countries therefore there is usually a freedom of rights act that parents would be wise to recognize as is required by law.

Negative energy is pure energy when the emotion is removed from it. In Quantum Mind Tech tools there is mentorship in developing mind that allows for the neutralization of emotion so that if necessary the quick discernment is executed and a superior decision is made. Certain martial art styles facilitate the training of the body in a similar manner which is then honed by the observer when delivering a strike and fluid, dance like motion of the body moving away from the attacker mirror inverted by the opponent.

Children growing up in any home may benefit from martial arts training while the body is developing as a way to break a tyranny cycle and hidden control that may be acted out in both homes and schools. Active strikes and fluidly moving away in an inverted, mirroring motion from an opponent creates a body freed of fear and allows for a deeper understanding of the immaturity of those who do not practice mind management skills in roles of authority. Someone accusing another of an act may be in denial about being that accusation, not facing it and laying blame on the other party.

For example, if a child’s room is messy then perhaps that is a reflection of messy parenting as disorganization on some level especially if the parent has assisted in cleaning of the kid’s room Young people learn from example and the quality of the child’s expressed mind is an indication of the example set by the parents and school teachers to a degree also. A third party that has not observed the parenting and has erroneous opinions about it without being present and or asking both parties what their respective truth is creates confusion in family dynamics and may be present as gossip. Such hidden misinformation is the beginning of tyranny against a peaceful environment for the child to be reared in. Communication begins with listening; without this basic skill communication does not exist.

If a child desires to have an experience of some type then asking the being to define what that means in the beings terms gives information to the parent. This will demonstrate the amount of information the child has in order to facilitate decisions. An example is a college education funded by parents who desire to understand why the child wants a certain degree without judgment or criticism of the choice.

A 'Indigo child' is simply one who has a stubborn soul that does not want to let go of memories it agreed to bring into the incarnation that lasts into the onset of puberty. That is its agreement and we need not worship at the parents alter for having one that is now labeled as special needs being misunderstood. The parent is needing to see what the child is endeavoring to remember and live to provide usually the extracurricular education that all kids benefit from when they are ready.

Children are equipped with a brain that loves to learn without so much structure and routine imposed that spontaneous observation is permitted to evolve. Input into the consciousness of the individual through education is great however gaps in education at home or in the school system is provided by the observation of our ecosystem which is ideally explored by an inquisitive mind. If the desire or interest in our natural world is not there then that is the beginning of DNA replicating away from higher consciousness and interconnection with the natural world begins and that future generation inheriting our planet has the stewardship of it.

Ah the class is empty thank god. Well the reason why is that when children are little form the time they are babies they have soft brains malleable that see in the hyperspace dimensions still prior to being taught the incorrect physics of our warped quantum field that is was missing the phenomenon for much of our recent history that held memories of it in magicians with staged magic shows, holidays, fairy cards and other fairy tales based on real physics hyperspace lessons actually are the usual fare that schools and parents usually do not have the answers of how that may be! At all! So they begin to grow and after watching a delicious movie sci-fi with special effects with your friends they come home and there is a cranky parent there who’s yelling why are your shoes here again clean up your room! And the child’s magical cloud begins to fizz out and the kid gets more and more bitter with these tired cranky parents snapping at them between magical pony rides. The stuff of fairies begins to wear off bad moods of parents are then the grind of the axe as the cliché goes where the child grows to be sullen and cynical watching the vampire movies that represents sucking the life out of the immortally endowed child and trading it in for the reality that is fear based to fit in. We have the inventors who broke the science laws to create new products for society and broke the scientific laws to crate new laws the rest of us just bought the products and were in a parallel reality not really understanding how they worked. That is the goth or jaded child that acts out the dark side of ignorance and is misunderstood by parents who sees it all and wonders about it.

Time away from chores and schoolwork is vital to the mental, physical and emotional health and well being of young people. Activities then chosen do not have to be fed by the parents because the young being has an active enthusiasm for exploring the world if information is provided for the being to find and to choose options from. Providing budgetary guidelines for those choices may be all that’s necessary. A budget is a resource never a lack and therefore a healthy relationship with abundance is supported.

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