Chances are, if you live in any well populated area, that you have many Martial Arts school within driving distance from your home. Rightly so, because the Martial Arts are becoming a well recognized and hugely popular activity for children with millions of them currently enjoying the martial arts as we speak. With so many choices, how is a parent to find the perfect Martial Arts school for your child? This Parent's Survival Guide will make finding and selecting the perfect Martial Arts for your child as easy as 1-2-3.

Martial arts schools range from huge Mega-schools to tiny mom and pop shops. The prices range too. The average price for group classes are about $125 per month but range greatly according to location, facility, and local demographics.

Tips to pick the right Martial Arts School for your child

Get Referrals - If someone you know is happy with their child's Martial Arts School, most likely, the school is a good choice for you or at least a starting point. The added benefit is that your child will know someone at the school which will make them feel more comfortable. Plus, lessons are always more fun with friends.

Check out the Facility - Whether the facility is well maintained or poorly maintained says volumes about the owner's attitude and professionalism. If the school looks like a dungeon, most likely, it's run like one and it's best to stay away even if it means paying a high tuition at another school.

Check the instructor's credentials - Currently, the martial arts do not have any standards that qualify someone to become a teacher. Don't look at the number of trophies or the number of degrees of Black Belt of the instructor. Instead look for solid teaching or instructor credentials that show the instructor's proficient in teaching, not just tournaments.

Choose an instructor not a style - Each style has its advantages and disadvantages. Watch how the instructor interacts with your child. Ask yourself, "Is the instructor enthusiastic?" "Does he generally enjoy working with children?" If your answer is "Yes", then explore further into what the school has to offer.

Get your child's opinion - If your child likes the instructor and responds well to their instruction, you found a winner! The rapport between the instructor and child is the number one factor deciding if your child will stick with the program long enough for them to gain the life skill benefits of the Martial Arts.

Try an Introductory Lesson - Most schools allow new students to take a few introductory lessons for a nominal fee or for free. Be upfront with the instructor that you are trying out a few schools before making a decision. If the school tries to block your search or gives you an attitude, it's a huge warning sign. A confident and high quality school will invite you to compare their services to other schools even if they are higher priced than the competition.

Expect Follow up - Be glad when a school calls you to follow up. This is a sign that the school will be more concerned about your child's development and follow up with you regularly for feedback.

Follow your Instinct - Heed your gut feeling about the school. If something does not feel right, don't join until it does.

These eight tips will help you survive the process of selecting a Martial Arts School to find the perfect one for you and your child.

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