THE FOOTHILLS FOCUS September 10, 2003

Parable Thinking Independently

Focus Columnist

Once, high on the mountain, we found ourselves alone with the Creator. He had secluded Himself from mankind and left us alone to see what thoughts we could discover for ourselves. He allowed us to talk to one another, communicate as we communicate today. A pall of silence fell upon our group, for we had run out of subject matter. The doctor among us exclaimed, “Hear no evil, see no evil, feel no evil.¨

The others said similar things, but soon we had run out of ideas. Then the Creator gazed down upon us, saying, “Hear no evil, say no evil, but look around yourself for evil, and then avoid it by sidestepping it.¨

He counseled with us, then and said, “Look around you. We have manufactured a machine to help you think thoughts unknown today.¨ We allowed this machine to direct our thinking. We thought whatever the machine directed us to think. At last we began to lose the ability to think independently, on our own.

The Creator looked down His nose at us again and said, How do you like the thinking machine? ¨We all exclaimed in one breath, It is wonderful that we do not have to think for ourselves, but on the other hand, we dislike being told what, how, and how soon to think. We prefer our own independent thoughts.¨

He held us close to His heart and said, Hallelujah, you have awakened to the truth today. You have finished your own thoughts. It is important to think independently and to look ahead into the future by yourself.

For our Creator manifests the truth individually for each of us to learn alone. Only those thought waves that you seek can be found within your mind. Look into the future and fear not. The Creator is beside you.

Author's Bio: 

The author Dr. Bess S. Permut, is a graduate student of psychology and philosophy, has taught life's truth’s for over 60 years and is the author of two books in print and on audio Cd concerning the subject of living a successful life.

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