Parable: Putting Your House in Order

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Once there lived a pontiff who was rich in land and wisdom. He had two beautiful daughters who were rich in nothing but these world goods. Now it came to pass that although people came from far and near to hear his great wisdom, he was an absolute deaf mute to those near and dear to him.

One daughter, the elder, was cruel and heartless. Her serpent tongue always found its mark. She was loved by few. The younger was a consort for all men. No man of low birth or high could call her stranger. All of this the great one knew, and it weighed on his shoulders. He knew not what to do. He was wont to say, Why is it I, who am so full of wisdom, who is so good, who is without sin, was sent a spheme such as these two? I don't deserve it. It is I who have been put upon by the Lord.¨

Years went by. He was cursed with his unwanted daughters, although they were beautiful and wealthy. No one would marry the shrew with the wicked tongue, how could he find a mate for his much mated¨ younger daughter. So he accepted all this with great curses and continued on his lonely way, expounding great wisdom and accumulating still more wealth.

Now it came to pass that he was confined to his chambers because of great swelling of his old joints. For the first time in many years, he was aware of the house around him. In his despair, he saw his daughters as his personal curses. While he was lying abed, his daughter's faithful maid servant, she who had suckled the younger and elder along with her own, was afoot. He looked at her unlined face heavy with her inner peace, her thick, busy body. He knew this one was four score and twenty. Why was she so blessed? Wasn't he the anointed one? This he asked her: Why your amenable disposition? Where are your plagues? Have you not ungrateful children such as I¨

No, old wise one¨ answered his faithful servant. When you were busy making a great name as a mansion of wisdom, I was putting my house in order. I listened to my young. I gathered them about my knee. I gave them the wisdom of The Creator's great love. When they stumbled, I picked them up, ever telling them of the beauty of walking upright. Soon they were as surefooted as little goats. When it was time for them to meet the world, they were seasoned in all things and made strong by love.¨

At this point, the old monarch said, But what could you give your children that I could not? I have wealth, power, and great wisdom. People from hundreds of leagues away come to hear me speak so eloquently. You mean that you have more wisdom than I, ungracious one?¨

"No,” answered the servant, just more heart have I. Yes, I have seen your daughters falter. Didn’t I suckle them with my own child when their mother took leave of this house? Didn’t the elder always respond to a kind word when she was young, before the great frost of your criticism bit into her soul? You taught her not only to hate and despise, but to flog with her tongue because she is lost in the fog of your great injustice. He younger didn’t she always need love as the earth needs rain? Now she takes her moisture from any pool, muddy or clear. What care she? It is your starvation and turning your waters of love and understanding to another land and letting your own lands lay parched and plagued with disease. This I will say unto you, great lord. Get in order your own dwelling. Make it first the temple; then make the world a better place to live in!¨

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