If you get a panic attack and first aid is offered, and you're experienced and have had many attacks, you will realize that you don't really need first aid treatment.

Your initial panic attack can be incredibly scary and confusing. You don't know if it's your heart, your brain, your ears, your lungs or whatever the case may be.

Once you've been diagnosed and you know it's not serious, the confusion may subside, but it's still very scary. However, you won't require first aid of any kind, providing it's just a panic attack and nothing else.

Make Sure You Have No Other Condition

It's very important to make sure there is no serious underlying condition. Though panic attacks are frightening, they are not life-threatening. However, they can feel like a heart attack, or other serious conditions.

There may be difficulty in breathing. A person who has asthma and panic attacks are in a dilemma. Is it this, or is it that? There seems to be a link between asthma and panic attacks.

Under these circumstances, YES, you will require first aid of some kind. Asthma and heart attacks are life-threatening situations. The problem with panic attacks is, they mimic serious conditions.

If you are healthy and have no other serious medical issues, then a panic attack will require reassurance from a stranger, or relaxation on your part (though it's not easy, and it has to be learned).

Help For Panic Attacks

If you get a panic attack and are still terrified, then concentrate on your breath. Slow everything down. Breathe through your nose. Imagine the air going into your tummy. Exhale slowly through your mouth.

If you can, tense your muscles and then let go gently. This can relax your body. The most important thing is your breathing though. If you must do one thing, then do just this.

If a stranger tries to help, tell them what it is. Let them know that they need not call anyone. Don't feel shy. Ask them to wait a few seconds with you and ask them to help calm you down.

Tell them to help you relax. Listening to them 'as if they were a coach' can help you through the attack. There's nothing wrong in asking, and most people will oblige.

A panic attack and first aid can appear to be a natural combination. With experience, and knowing it's a panic attack and nothing else, you won't really require first aid treatment.

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