For many who experience a panic attack and chest flutter, it can be worrying and confusing. It's hard to tell if the palpitations are due to panic or not.

For this reason, it's best to see a cardiologist just to rule out everything as far as your heart is concerned before deciding that it is solely due to the panic attack.

Panic Attacks Love To Imitate Other Conditions

Panic attacks can be confusing as well as being frightening. When it's just started, the confusion is caused by the fact that panic attacks mimic serious conditions.

For example, if you start getting dizzy regularly, you think it could be caused by your brain or ear. Sometimes it affects the chest, so you may wonder why you have breathing difficulties or tightness in your chest.

This is why nearly everyone rushes to emergency, only to be told everything is normal. "WHAT? NORMAL? HOW IS THIS NORMAL?" Naturally, this is confusing. It's also worrying, because it doesn't go away.

If you have a chest flutter as well as panic attacks, make sure you can eliminate the possibility of an underlying heart problem. Once this is done, then you can safely say it's due to the panic attacks.

You may have to have blood tests to make sure there isn't a thyroid problem as this could cause an irregular heart rhythm. You may also be required to wear a heart monitor to record your heart rhythm.

Panic Attacks Are Treatable

Don't worry about the panic attacks. They can be treated pretty effectively. If the chest flutter is connected, then it should reduce or even go away as well.

There is no doubt that a chest flutter can be due to panic attacks. If a panic attack and chest flutter link can safely be established, then you need to treat only one condition.

If not, you'll have to address them both. Make sure to tell your doctors all the medications you are taking. This will be helpful in getting the best care that you deserve.

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