Many people may go through a panic attack after illness. However, for the majority of them, it never turns into a problem and usually goes away.

On rare occasions, it does turn into a problem. The panic attacks persist and can turn into a panic disorder. It's estimated that 3 in 100 of these will turn into a panic disorder.

Major Changes Can Cause Anxiety

Sometimes, a person may have a panic attack after a major life change. For example, some women have reported panic attacks after childbirth.

Sometimes, the loss of a loved one (or a pet) can trigger anxiety and panicky sensations. A change in jobs, studying for a major examination and even getting married could bring about a panic attack.

Illnesses like thyroid problems or diabetes can also cause a person to experience the misery of repeated panic attacks. However, in most of these cases, once the illness is taken care of, the anxiety attacks should go away.

But not always. Some people are prone to getting panic attacks. It's written in their blueprint. On these rare occasions, even after the illness is gone or is under control, the panic attacks remain.

It can then turn into a panic disorder. For those who suffer a panic attack, but have different chemical, physical and emotional reactions, they will never be bothered by it.

The unlucky few that drew the short straw in life will end up with repeated panic attacks, turning into a panic disorder. But, all is not lost, and frankly, never is.

Getting Well And Living Life Again

If you do go through a panic attack after illness and it persists, try not to worry, but you must do something about it. Taking care of it can be a time-consuming exercise, so it's best to deal with it sooner rather than later.

You can go on medication along with therapy and things will start to pick up for you. Sometimes, a medication might not work, so you'll have to go off it and try another.

You'll also have to wait for the drugs to kick in. This is why it takes time and you must remain patient and focused. Motivation and a positive attitude are a must.

You can also try alternative therapies and herbal remedies. Hypnosis for panic disorder is an excellent form of treatment. You can even learn to apply it by yourself.

Herbal products like PureCalm have been effective for many people and it's something I would highly recommend trying. It's also quite safe and should not have side effects.

Make sure to educate yourself as well. By knowing what's happening to your body (and why), you will always be armed with information on how to deal with your panic.

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