You may want to consider joining a panic attack sufferers discussion board if you have been suffering from regular panic attacks.

Suffering panic attacks can cause you to feel confused and depressed and leave you feeling scared, shocked and apprehensive.

One really good resource that you could join is called DailyStrength. It's a great site with so many categories and you may end up joining other discussion groups as well.

Panic Attacks Can Lead To Other Problems

Because panic attacks can cause other problems such as depression or general stress and anxiety, it helps to speak to others who have the same problem.

It's like going to a foreign country on holiday and bumping into someone from your country. You're bound to start chatting.

You'll have to register with DailyStrength and fill in an online form. After that, you can start posting and reading and share anything that you're comfortable with.

Think of this as part of your therapy. You can learn from others who have more experience. Perhaps they have already recovered enough to get back on track.

Learn From Others, Then Help Other Sufferers In Time

Their advice, their knowledge and experience can be invaluable. They've "been there, done that." That means you can too. Stay positive and above all, believe in yourself.

In time, when you improve (and you will), you can help others. When a new person joins and feels really down, you can pick them up and give them hope because you know what it's like.

You'll have to do a search to join a panic attack sufferers discussion board. In the search box, type in 'panic attacks' and you can view the results and join in.

Good luck with it and make the most of the opportunities. It's a really good site and you'll be glad you joined. Here's the link to DailyStrength:

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