I love making the objects around my house look as fresh as the flowers and leafy trees in my yard.

I enjoy the rich colors of fall and the excitement of a gift wrapped winter but it is the warm weather seasons that energize me. I am ready to work and I practically live in my painting clothes. My kitchen counter is cluttered with cans of paint, brushes and a dozen paint tools that promise to make me a professional quality painter.

Some people crave a gift wrapping room where their organized ribbons and papers are always waiting for them to create a party stopping present. I, instead, need a painting room, where everything is waiting for me to grab a brush and pan of color to change something in my home. There is nothing like having everything at hand, whenever the decorating urge strikes.


Pull out the leftover paint in your storage area and try to use it up as you tackle projects inside and outside of your home. Using up leftover paint saves money as well as frees up space in your workroom so the sensible side of me says follow that plan.

The color addict side of me says you might have to go buy just one little can of a beautiful color for the fun of it! Of course my favorite delight is when I find a mistint on sale for a dollar or so at Lowes. It is a color treasure hunt for me. Once you are armed with color, here are six great ideas to brighten your living space.

Paint Your Wagon

There is nothing cuter than a child's wagon spruced up with paint and filled with colorful flowers. It is a great warm weather decoration for your back yard. Go with a bright red, or make an artsy statement with an unusual lavender.

You've Got Beautiful Mail

If you have a roadside mailbox, give it a fresh coat of paint. The flag does not have to be the traditional red, so swipe on a happy color that will make the mailman remember your house.

Terra Cotta - Notta

Wash and then prime all your flower pots. Painting them similar colors and grouping them together will give your container garden a fresh look. This is easy 3 dimensional art.

Color Portal

Check out your front and back doors. A new coat of paint here is like reapplying lipstick , you can get a lot of mileage out of just a little color and not have to paint the whole house (or re-makeup the whole face). It will amaze you just how fresh this will make your house feel.

Splash and Dash the Small Stuff

Bookcases, small tables and benches need an occasional facelift. Recoating them with a favorite color will make them feel like a new piece of furniture. Just be sure to allow plenty of dry time. You would not want sticky new paint on that signed first edition.

Paint = Clean

The baseboards of your heavily used areas such as the hallway or kitchen get scuffed easily. Wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the dust and use the leftover matching paint to refresh them. A little time and work goes a long way in making the room feel cleaner.

These ideas will get you started. I am sure once you pick up the brush you will see endless projects that can use your painters touch. I would love to know what you accomplished. Share your creativity with me. Happy painting!

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