Cynthia Rowland, facial fitness expert, announced today that divorce doesn't necessarily mean you have to look older. The Holmes-Rahe Scale, the standard for stressful life events, places divorce as the second most stressful event in one's life just under the death of a spouse or child. But the emotional toll is not the only price one has to pay. The Journal of Research and Plastic Surgery revealed that divorce makes one look older, no surprise there. Results published were based on a comparison of lifestyle factors and events among 186 pairs of twins. Researchers found that a twin who was divorced looked 2 years older than the other twin. Divorce is a difficult and traumatic event that has been drastically increasing over the past decade throughout the United States, and while it affects people in a multitude of ways, ones outward appearance is an effect that definitely does NOT go unnoticed.

While going through a divorce one may be vulnerable and seek advice on how to feel better about their physical appearance. A physician or practitioner may offer procedures aimed at looking younger that are not necessarily in one's best interest financially or healthfully. Why put yourself through more pain by undergoing plastic surgery or injections? Other common concerns include the risks of cosmetic/plastic surgeries such as infection, disfigurement and even death, problems with the practitioners, not to mention the large fees- why anyone would want to travel this road is a mystery.

But for those who want to feel better physically, take heart, there is a solution to this conundrum - neuromuscular facial retraining. These facial retraining exercises are used to restore the face one thought they had lost forever. With these simple isometric exercises one can give themselves a facelift with better results than surgery because there are no risks. For someone feeling vulnerable, it is a healthy way to feel and look better about themselves.

Facial Magic was developed by Cynthia Rowland to lift and tone the muscles in the face and neck while restoring the skins healthy glow. This regimen was designed to increase oxygen and blood supply to eliminate the signs of aging caused by sagging muscles and stressful life events such as divorce. Facial Magic is a system which begins with an initial 9 week program of isometric and resistance movements that are not scrunches, puckers or contortions. The program is a system of 18 different facial exercises that address 15 areas of the face and neck. Each week there is a series of two new exercises that are repeated for six days. After the 9 week program you can maintain your new face by performing the exercises 2-3 times per week. Results are seen almost instantly, and as your muscles become stronger, results LAST longer.

The exercises will help you feel better and look better! Even if you haven't gone through divorce, Facial Magic can help restore sagging facial muscles and muscle atrophy caused by aging. This system helps increase self confidence and creates a new and improved you. There are various kits available online at

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