You have been working with your pooch, and he is ready for the road trip. You have made sure he is healthy enough to travel, caught him up on his vaccinations, and helped him get accustomed to being in his carrier. Now, it is time to pack up the car and go! Whatever you think your dog needs to survive the trip, be sure to pack it. Some things, such as bedding, can be packed in suitcases or areas that will not be accessed on the road. There are some items that need to be easily reached at all times. A few suggestions on what to take may make your packing a little bit easier.

When you stopped by the vet to make sure he was up-to-date on vaccinations, did you grab a copy of his health records? Many states require that your pet have certain shots before he can stay in a hotel or be taken to a public area. Grab a copy of his records, and put it with your other documentation. It’s never a bad idea to keep it in your car, either. Before you put your pet in the car, did you make sure his dog tags are also up-to-date? You would not want to get separated from your pup and realize that his contact information is all wrong.

One of the most important items for the trip (although they are all very important) is the leash. When traveling with a pet, you should make multiple pit stops. At the stop, your pet should have a chance to walk around, stretch his legs, and even play a little to get rid of built up energy. Without a leash, most places will not allow you to walk your dog. Never forget the cardinal rule: clean up after your pet!

Food and water probably outrank the leash in terms of importance, but you get the idea. Take plenty of food and clean water. You should take enough food and water to last you the entire trip to your destination and the first day there. You never know if there will be a store close to your final stop. Water is a little easier to come by, but you may not have access to clean water at all times.

Always grab a food bowl and water bowl for the trip. When you stop for a break, your dog needs to drink a little water and eat a little food. Can your dog drink out of a water bottle? An AW Wide Mouth Dog Water Bottle is perfect for trips. It is made of plastic, so it is easy to clean. If your dog has never tried to drink out a bottle, then practice at home before you go. You will find that it is much easier than filling a bowl with water, but it is up to your dog whether or not he wants to use it.

Treats, treats, treats! Your pooch loves his treats. He will get restless in the carrier for long periods of time, so make sure you have ways to reward him throughout the trip. If you stop at a rest area and it is not time to feed him, then a treat or two will do the trick! However, still make sure he gets plenty of water.

To make your dog more comfy, take a couple of familiar items from home. A blanket that smells like your house will work great in the bottom of his carrier. It will provide him with extra comfort for the long trip. Grab his favorite toy, too. A chew toy will help keep him occupied for the ride.

If your dog has special needs, then make sure you consider those when packing. If he takes daily medication or has a special diet, then place the related items in an easy-to-get-to spot in your vehicle. Make plenty of stops along the way, and always let your dog out of the car.

Going on road trips can be a blast for everyone! If taken care of, your dog will not mind the long haul. Food and water need to be easily accessible at all times. Try teaching your dog a new trick before you leave home: drinking out of a water bottle! Anything familiar from home that can double as padding is great to include in his carrier. Throw a leash, treats, and a toy or two in the vehicle, and get going!

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