Paint pictures of your dreams and live joyously forever

Here’s how you start. Find a place where you can get relaxed and comfortable. Close your eyes. Begin painting pictures in your mind. Visualize all the dreams you want to come true in your life. What you want to be. Where you want to go. What you want to do. Visualize them in detail. Then paint the pictures as clear, colorful and as magnificent as you can. Be sure to remember those pictures that are most important to you. You will want to save them in your picture album later.

Now become more awake. Write down the six most important pictures you selected. The ones you believe you are most passionate about. Write a detailed description of each one of them and why you selected them. Be very descriptive. The better the description the more passionate you will become about them.

Begin looking for pictures that resemble those six you painted in your mind. Search for them on the Internet and print out the ones you want. Look In magazines. Find them in all kind of publications. Cut them out and paste them in an album or pages in a loose - leaf binder. Then each day meditate on each one for a minute or two.

Start to pump life into your pictures now so they grow and flourish. You do this by creating the proper action steps to make them become as brilliant as possible. Then you initiate the proper action steps everyday until they finally come alive. You will soon realize what an awakening experience this is. Suddenly your pictures will come alive. Now is the time you should be very excited about your achievements.

As soon as one of your pictures (goals) springs to life it’s time to celebrate. So gather your supporters together and have them join you in some kind of celebration. If any of your supporters were instrumental in helping you bring life to your pictures reward them in some special way.

Continue painting more pictures periodically and adding them to your album. Then keep up the process of bringing them to life just as you did before. And let me also encourage you to share with others, who are interested, how to paint pictures in their lives too. I guarantee this will be a very rewarding experience for you.

I can testify to that feeling. As a sales supervisor I watched how enthused my sales staff became when they learned how to paint their dream pictures. Then when they got one of their pictures (goals) to come alive they really got excited. They even got rewarded financially more for their extra sales efforts too. But the best part was when they realized how much more joy they added to their personal lives as well.

So my passion in life is to continue to be a master painter of life’s pictures. And keep teaching others how to do the same thing. Eventually when my time is up in this world I hope I will leave a legacy for everyone to benefit from.

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Author's Bio: 

Sonny Julius is a retired senior citizen. For 29 years he was involved in the family florist business. Becoming dissatisfied with it he left to become a sales representative. He had a bad experience with the first company and after 18 months with them left and joined another one.

He eventually spent 20 years with them. The last 6 years he was a sales supervisor with a sales staff in areas from the midwest to the west. During that time he trained them using an 8-step formula he developed. This formula helped them not only in developing their own successful territories but also their personal lives as well.

After retirement Sonny became heavily involved in developing an internet business devoted to self development and marketing his 8-step formula. He offers this formula for free on his web site at: