The universe returns what you have given freely a thousand times over. What you sow is what you reap. In order to receive you must give. If you wish someone to have more blessings and love, you will receive blessings and love a thousand times more. If you wish someone illness and misfortune, you will receive bad luck and misfortunes a thousand times more. I am sure you have noticed that when you are in a good mood, everything seems to fall into place. However, when you are angry or depressed a string of bad luck seems to follow you all the more.

Giving or outflowing doesn't have to be as grand as donating $10 million to some charity, or donating an entire building. Every single minute is an opportunity to OUTFLOW blessings to your loved ones. An act as simple as giving a smile to a complete stranger is itself a mechanism to activate receiving. If you see someone who seems to be sad, you can give a hug to that someone even in your mind.

Outflow to your friends and love ones now through your thoughts or words. It costs you nothing except a few minutes. Tell your parents you love them, give thanks to the people who has been kind to you, ask forgiveness from those you have wronged and forgive those who have wronged you, tell your friends how much you appreciate them, tell the ones who are grieving that you sympathize with them, tell your spouse/lover how much you love him/her or inspire those who are about to take exams, give birth or going on a job interview. You may not be with them physically, but your thought vibration and emotions can bring you closer to your loved ones.

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She is a traveler in this mysterious and abundant universe. She owns the website Manifesting: Life Magick which is a journal of how she has used the art of manifesting in her life. She has found that the tremendous power to enjoy the abundance of this world lies within oneself. Through this website, she hopes to share her experience with conscious creation and to tell everyone that if it worked for her, it will work for everybody.