For many centuries spiritual leaders have taught us that we are one family and that the solution to all of our problems is to live in unity, peace, love and cooperation. Christ gave special emphasis to these values and encouraged his followers to think of God as their mutual Father and all persons as their brothers and sisters.

Although some efforts have been made in that direction, such as the United Nations, the European Union and other - mostly economic - forms of cooperation, we see are still quite far from a world in which all feel that they brothers and sisters in the same family.

This lack of unity has deep and widespread negative repercussions on all aspects of our lives. It creates a reality in which we care for ourselves and those we consider ours and are indifferent to what happens to all others. This is not an effective system, because whatever happens to anyone eventually has repercussions on us all. When others are not happy, healthy and do not have enough to live respectfully, that in the long run, eventually affects our reality in various ways.

Only in unity and cooperation can we create the systems of education, transportation and health and economics that ensure our well being on this planet. Otherwise, it is like a body in which too much blood is moving to one part of the body and little or no blood to another area of the body. Both parts of the body will suffer. When material wealth accumulates in one part of the world and not in others, it is only natural what we will have anger, hate and terrorism. Especially when the rich continue to use the poor to get richer. This problem has become even more acute now because of television and Internet, because those who do not have can see how others live and experience even greater feelings of resentment. They wonder, "How can they have and waste so much when they see that we have nothing? How can they not help us?"

Only when all the cells in a body cooperate, share and work for the general good of the whole body can those cells themselves be well. The health of each cell depends on the health of the body and the health of the body on the cooperation and selflessness of each cell. If a cell decided to care only for itself and not perform its functions for the body, it would be considered cancerous and an enemy to the body. Only through unity and cooperation of all cells can the body be well and only when the body is well, can the cells receive what they need from it.

In the same way each human is like a cell in the body of humanity whose purpose is to seek what is simultaneously the highest good for him or her self and the also whole. The body of humanity will recover from its serious illness of alienation, discontent, war, poverty, famine, homelessness, drug abuse, and injustice when all humans realize that only by caring for the whole can we actually create what we personally need.

It all has to do with our circle of identification and circle of action. Each of us has a circle within which we identify and are interested in how those in our circle are. Some people's circle does not even include their own selves. They do not care about themselves and to not care for their health or happiness. They are self-sabotaging or self-punishing.

Most people's circle of identification includes their spouse, parents, children and siblings. Beyond that circle they are less interested in how others are fairing. As we grow emotional, mentally and spiritually, our circle expands to include fellow workers. people from the same area, race, country and religion and then beyond that to all beings regardless of nationality. race or religion. Eventually our circle of identification expands to include all animals, insects and plants - as expressions of divine consciousness - of which we are one.

Christ spoke about this in his parable about the man who would arrive in God's presence and God would tell him, "You did not care for me when I was poor, without clothing, in jail or ill." and the man would ask surprised. "when were you in any of those conditions?" And God answered, "Whenever any of my children was in those states, it was I."

It is imperative that we realize that there is actually one divine consciousness in this universe and that it is expressing itself through all beings, including ourselves. The same divine consciousness that is at the center of our being is at the center of all other beings, regardless of religion, sex, race or nationality. Thus in reality every person we see is actually the divine itself expressing itself in through the unique form and personality of that being. The same is true for all beings.

Imagine a light flowing out from one center through many millions of holes in a sphere with surrounding the light. Imagine that each hole has a different film image printed on it so that as the light passes though it, the light takes the form of that image. Those many millions of images then appear on a spherical screen around the sphere giving the appearance of millions of different forms appearing on the screen. All images, however, are in reality different expressions of that one light. They have one source of being and their being depends on their continual projection from that source. It that stops, they cease to exist. Their existence is continually dependent on that one source.

Our bodies and minds are those images that appear on the screen and appear to be separate from each other. But, in fact, we all have one common divine source.

That does mean not that these beings are aware of that fact or behave in accordance with their inner divine nature. They may be insensitive, greedy and violent. But in the center of their being, they are divine consciousness - the same one that is expressing itself through us.

Our circle of action is usually smaller than our circle of identification. There are groups of people we care about but are not willing to share our time, money and energy with. That is our interest does not result in action, sharing or sacrifice.

It is essential for our personal, social and planetary well being that we expand our circle of interest and our circle of action. Only in this way, will we be able to create the material, emotional and spiritual abundance for all - that we all deserve.

This can happen only when we let go of political, national and religious differences and desire for all to have what they need. It is important to let go of our fear of those who belong to other religious and national groupings and realize that they too are our brothers and sisters here on this planetary spaceship moving through the universe. We need to care equally for all Americans, Iraqis. Iranians. Israelis, Palestinians, Somalians, Greeks, Turks, Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. As souls we have no race, nationality, religion or gender. We are beyond all these. These are labels we wear for the duration of our life here on earth. We need to overcome these and care equally for all.

This oneness of our being has been verified on many levels. Spiritual teachings clearly indicate that there is one divine consciousness expressing itself through all beings. We are one spirit.

On a physical level, if we examine ever more deeply into the nature of our physical existence we will discover, as scientists have, that in fact there is one field of energy and particles from which we are physically made. If we could see the subatomic particles that constitute our physical body and the physical environment in which it exists, we would not be able to distinguish between our bodies, the air around them and the other beings and objects surrounding us. It is all one implicate field of energy and matter. We are physically literally one with all around us.

Quantum physics tells us that all physical beings and objects come forth from one field of energy and subatomic particles. We are one energy and one matter.

It is only our mind that creates the illusion of separateness, as resulting fear and self-

Spencer Wells an anthropologist from Princeton University in his book The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey, comes to conclusion that all of present humanity has come from one Man who he calls the "Biological Adam" who lived around 60,000 years ago. According to Mr. Wells, "It turns out that the Y-chromosome gives us two very important clues to the question of how we populated the world. First, it shows us our most recent common ancestor (Adam). This man lived in Africa around 60,000 years ago. The significance of this date is that it means that all modern humans were living in Africa until at least that time. In other words, within the past 60,000 years - only about 2,000 generations - our species has populated the entire planet. Clearly, we are all very closely related."

According to his findings, we are literally all one family with one father who lived in Africa 60,000 years ago. During those 2000 generations we have spread out all over the globe and according to the conditions in which we lived, our skin color and features changed in order to most effectively adapt to those areas. Thus the creation of the white, brown, yellow and red skin colors and other features throughout the years.
We are all biologically literally one family of humanity - all with one biological father - who we can call "Adam."

In conclusion:

1. According to spiritual teachings we are all expressions of one divine consciousness.
2. According to quantum physics we are all manifestations of one common energy field.
3. According to some anthropologists we are all descendants of one pair of parents who lived 60,000 years ago whose family has expanded and changed over 2000 generations.

Perceiving others in this way can only improve our lives emotionally materially and spiritually.

This evolution in perception will then lead to behaviors that are more beneficial for the whole. Behaviors that allow us to approach others and seek common solutions that benefit us all.

Forms of cooperation between countries, religions, political systems and all varieties of people who realize that cooperation and unity are the only solutions to our present problem.

Are you with us?

Robert Elias Najemy, a life coach with 30 years of experience, has trained over 300 Life coaches and now does so over the Internet. He is the author of over 20 books, 600 articles and 400 lecture cassettes on Human Harmony. Download FREE 100's of articles, find wonderful ebooks, guidance, mp3 audio lectures and teleclasses at
His books The Psychology of Happiness, Remove Pain with Energy Psychology and six others are available at


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Robert Elias Najemy, a life coach with 30 years of experience, has trained over 300 Life coaches and now does so over the Internet. Info at:
He is the author of over 20 books, 600 articles and 400 lecture cassettes on Human Harmony. Download FREE 100's of articles, find wonderful ebooks, guidance, mp3 audio lectures and teleclasses at
His books The Psychology of Happiness, Remove Pain with Energy Psychology and six others are available at