One of my very first spiritual visions, was when the spirit of my brown standard poodle appeared to me. I received a gift when I had a vision of my beloved dog. I could see her shape clearly, but I could also see through her. It was obvious I was seeing her in spiritual form.

As a psychic medium, I see many of our animal friends who have passed on. They come through with messages for their loved ones during readings. You may wonder “well, how does Carole Lynne know what the animal means to say?” The answer is obvious: the same way we can know what a living animal is trying to communicate to us. Our cats and dogs may not speak words to us, but we know what they mean. I have always felt that there is a very spiritual telepathy between pets and their human families. And that telepathy does not disappear when our beloved animals shed their physical bodies and continue on to eternal life.

All kinds of animals come through spiritually: cats, dogs, horses, snakes, turtles and many parrots.

God Bless our animal friends!

Psychic Medium Carole Lynne


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