That didn’t feel good. I just crashed on my back attempting a flip on a water ski.

But I’m 61 years old and I have passion for water skiing. I want to learn to do that flip on my ski. It’s going to take some more crashes and I have the energy to get up and try again after the next crash.

How is that possible? I’m supposed to be thinking of retirement and enjoying my relaxing, golden years.
I don’t accept that. I have a lot of fun left to have and I don’t want my body holding me back. How about you, are you ready to give up to advancing years?

We live in exciting times where we can now choose to live an exciting, active life.

My name is Russ Stiffler and I am a 2-time World Record Holder and Coach of World and National Champions in water skiing. In the pursuit of my training I always look for ways to get better.

Nutrition has always been a large focus of my quest. I have felt the difference that good nutrition makes. I am healthier now than I was 10 years ago. But the quest of doing even better, at finding the right nutrition for me, is very difficult.

Everywhere you look there are conflicting reports and beliefs.
I came to believe that some type of nutritional testing was the only to know if you are really getting what you need. But until now, testing has been expensive expensive. It has been the purview of universities and elite athletes. Nobody else had the resources or money to test what nutrients each individual needs.

That is changing today. If is now possible to get urine, blood and DNA tests that are affordable. With testing you can start to fine tune you nutritional supplements based on what is going on in your body. You can know you are getting what your body needs and you no longer have to guess.

That will make it possible for me to continue to crash in my quest for my elusive flip. How about you? Are you going to give in age stealing vitality or are you going to fight to keep very active?

Author's Bio: 

Russ Stiffler is a former 2-time World Record Holder and National Champion and coach of World and National Water Ski Champions. Find him at www.RussStiffler.com