Auras always tell the truth. Even actors can't fake them… exactly. In depth Aura Reading reveals who is playing a part on the surface – the "I think I can" school of acting -- vs. who creates a completely different character.

For controversial insights into the Oscars, interview Rose Rosetree, author of "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses." Working with the Chicago Sun-Times, she developed a way to assess how well actors are doing by comparing the actor's photo to one in the nominated role.

For this year's batch of acting nominees:
*How did Mickey Rourke out-perform Brad Pitt?
*Which big, macho nominee has way more feminine energy than me and, probably, you?
*What happens in "The Angelina Jolie style" of acting?
*Of the 10 top nominees, which is the shyest by far?

To read detailed descriptions of Oscar nominees and add your comments, click onto Rose Rosetree's .

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Rose Rosetree is the founder of Energy Spirituality, offering aura readings that include Cutting Cords of Attachment , Aura Transformation, and Regression Therapy .

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