Things will go a lot smoother if you are organized on Black Friday. Everyone will be fed, you will find all of your receipts, your checkbook will be up to date and your list will be emptied a lot faster.

Fast meals are best on Black Friday, so get out those taco shells, shred that head of lettuce, cut up the turkey into small pieces and cut the tomatoes ahead of time. Have a turkey rollup for supper with leftover pumpkin pie and you can sit back and marvel at what a great day it was.

What will you really need to have in there for this day? Money, charge cards, I.D., an envelope to hold all of the gift receipts, check book and your little notebook/pen with your Christmas list. That is all you need. Everything else can stay home until you get back from shopping.

Sale Ad's
Yes, you want to know the 'first places' to hit in the morning, but you want those sale flyers handy for later on in the day. Take a break and re-evaluate your shopping after you have shopped for all of the 'important' first items. Don't forget to write those items down so you know what is important enough to do first (mark with an astrick).

Trunk of Car
Make sure that you check this to make sure that you aren't carrying around things that take up space and aren't needed for this type of trip. Then move the items that you have to take along to the floor of the back seat, for easy access. It doesn't hurt to grab a few plastic garbage bags to take along on your trip too. You can put some of the smaller bags in here and it will be easier to bring them in the house.

Christmas List
This should have; the person's name, the item and size and where the best sale is to purchase it. Don't forget to put a check mark on this item when you get home and go through your packages, so that you know that you bought it.

Master Shopping List
This one is easy! Put the name of the store and list the items and sizes that you want to buy there. When you put the item in the cart, simply add a check mark so you know you bought it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone and have a Great Organized Shopping Day!!

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