So the time has come for you to declutter and organize your bathroom. These organizing tips make the job of decluttering and organizing a bathroom much easier and will save you time in your decision making process!

What do you throw away?

*Medicines with expired dates and any extra bottles of medications you seldom or never use. Yes, there are different opinions on whether expired medications are still useable and effective; you will need to make that decision!

*Half-used bottles of shampoo and other hair care products that have been opened but are not being used. This shampoo can be used for soaking and cleaning combs and brushes in the sink.

*Color cosmetics that you no longer like or use which includes mascara, eye and lip pencils and lipstick and lip gloss.

*Mascara after 3 months. Toss it immediately if it becomes dry, or you develop an eye infection. Remember to never, ever share mascara!

*Eye and lip pencil past three to five years. However, they may last only a year if you sharpen them every few days. It is time to throw them away when they become dry, crumbly, and hard to apply.

*Lipstick and lip gloss after two to three years. It goes without saying that lipstick and lip gloss should never be shared!

*Toothbrushes are to be replaced every 3-6 months. Toss the old ones or use them for cleaning tasks around the house, such as, cleaning the grooves in windows during the window washing process.

*Tubes of ointments, toothpaste, or any other cream that is bent, twisted or clogged. They are really not very appealing!

*Frayed or stained towels make great cleaning rags.

*Items that have outlived their worthiness, such as cloth bandages or hair accessories that have become stretched, rusty nail clippers or tweezers, or hair accessories that you no longer use.

*Extra blow dryers, curling irons and hot curlers. Keep one backup blow dryer and curling iron. The rest are just taking up space; how many do you really need?

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