The advent of the Internet has greatly widened the horizons of the network marketing and mlm industry as a whole, giving birth to an entire new way of doing business. Nearly all mlm companies now offer some type of online marketing system. Some companies have even approved multiple online marketing systems for their distributors to use. (For example, there are now several choices for Global Resorts Network representatives: Reverse Funnel system, the Truth to Wealth System, and Global Pro Builder.) These new online network marketing systems have genuinely translated the aspirations of hard working and sincere network marketers into real, tangible success.

Prior to these automated systems, very few mlm companies allowed their distributors to use mass advertising mediums, such as print, electronic, outdoor etc. And even if your company allowed this sort of promotion, you simply could not afford the huge advertising budget that was required. Despite being highly motivated, the maximum you could do was to print a small classified ad with no mention of the company or the product brand names. Those who saw this type of ad found it had little or no appeal. Most people were skeptical about them rather than being interested in them. Beyond this, you could print some flyers, brochures, sizzle cards and business cards to extend your visibility. Due to the restrictions, you were forced to resort again to approaching your warm list over and over again.

Thanks to a few very innovative network marketers, like Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd and Ann Sieg, our industry is beginning to embrace the leverage and power of Internet-based marketing. If you are someone who is skilled at warm market, you now have another tremendous tool. If you are like me, and you never did excel with one-on-one selling, this new marketing method will change the way that you do business.

Attraction Marketing, a phrase coined by Mr. Dillard, has emerged as the most effective online marketing model for networkers. Scores of online network marketing systems are now available, making it possible for the average network marketer to join in this emerging and popular trend.

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