's list of the 10 most popular reviewed sites for the month of January is out. With Valentine's Day upon us and the world facing an economic crisis, it is more important than ever that singles can find love online without wasting hard-earned cash.

The top ten most popular sites are:

- Match
- Yahoo Personals
- Date
- Friend Finder
- Black Singles
- Christian Mingle
- Perfect Match
- Amigos
- American Singles
- Cupid

Although they are the most popular sites listed on, as determined by independent statistics analysis company,, they are not necessarily the highest scoring. Scoring is based on publicly-posted criteria, which heavily rewards sites with the most traffic and transparency before paying for a membership--qualities that are not always easily discernable for the average single.

CupidsReviews ensures that singles get pointed in the right direction with an honest and fair examination of each pay site. Saving time and money is always important, but perhaps never more so than during our current economic conditions.

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CupidsReviews was founded in 2005 to provide honest reviews of dating sites for singles. It has listed almost 200 sites and watched as many sites have shut down, while others have created relevant online communities. CupidsReviews' ranking system is based around the idea that sites with the greatest popularity, transparency and least cost make for the best dating sites. The site allows users to comment on each of the reviews, ensuring users have the latest information so that they are aware of what the pros and cons of a membership are before they join any dating site.