Online survey scams are real however, trying to sort the good from the bad can be a tough thing to do for those venturing into this market for first time.

Let's get one thing straight; there are many good, legitimate survey companies out there and there are lots of people enjoying the benefits of earning some extra cash for doing very little work but the reality is, when there is money involved in any system there are those who look for ways to exploit it.

Online survey scams have been around for some time now and generally it's the new people attracted to making money online who "get the short end of the stick."

How do you avoid online survey scams? Well, in some cases they may be unavoidable however, there are some things you can do to safeguard yourself against losing any money.

Let's take a look at some of the obvious steps you can take to give yourself a chance against falling victim:

1. First rule of thumb is the old story of "if it's too good to be true then it usually is." Yet people still fall for this. Just ask yourself...if the offer is stating making money is relative child's play then why isn't everyone making money hand over fist?

2. Be wary of having to pay a fee to join a survey company. Why do you need to pay a fee anyway? Will the fee entitle you a list of companies you can join? Remember, you can get this information for free. Don't part with your money!

3. Treat the testimonials you read with a "pinch of salt." Also, people who provide images of checks they've received should be treated cautiously. Refer back to step one.

4. Look for some clarification from third party sources. Online survey scams forums are a good place to start. Ask a question and name the company you're interested in. You'll get a reply one way or the other in relatively quick time.

5. Under no circumstances give personal information away to these survey sites until you are confident you have done appropriate due diligence on them. One thing to remember, if you cannot contact these people, preferably by phone, move on.

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