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If someone had told me that I will one day be able to process information at 25,000+ words per minute, I would have told them they have a better chance winning a chicken-eating contest with Elvis Presley. And yet, I have learned Italian after only 3 hours of study! Before you send me off for my daily medication, allow me to explain two little words that changed my life: Brain Management!

Brain Management is a 3-day course that one takes in order to tap into their brain’s full potential. Yes, I too thought that I was as brainy and brilliant as physically possible, but it turns out that us humans use a measly 2% of our brains. If we can already do so much with 2%, imagine what potential lies amongst the other 98%?

One of my favorite aspects of the course is the credibility and integrity with which it is conducted. There are no dramatic testimonials, no jumping around in ecstasy once you unleash your “giant within” and you are not left slightly confused and hanging afterwards – the cure for which normally is to, of course, part with more cash in order to find your answer to happiness through yet another motivational circuit.

Not Just Another Motivational Seminar
On the contrary, this is not a hyped up motivation seminar. The instructor, Shannon Panzo teaches the skills and principles associated with Brain Power in a no-nonsense, succinct and mesmerizing manner. A man of grandiose presence both figuratively and literary, Shannon presents the facts in a manner that is clear and entertaining, yet never patronizing.

Even the doubts of the biggest cynic like myself were quickly dissolved… the information and principles make so much sense! Occurrences that we perceive as miraculous often are simply applied quantum physics. When provided with a good explanation as to why something seemingly impossible works when approached in the right manner, one gets so much more confidence in their potential.

Here are only some advantages I have enjoyed since ending the course: Heightened intuition, peripheral vision, extreme bouts of luck and coincidence (reasons for which are simple and clear, once you do the course!). Most significantly, I can process information at 25,000+ words per minute, through a technique called Mental Photography. It all has to do with using your noggin. Work smart, not hard! Think of the brain as simply another muscle. Its one thing to be taught a skill, it’s another to excel at it!

Worth the Experience
The earth-shaking effect Brain Management had on my life is as fantastic as it is hard to explain. You quite simply need to experience it for yourself. I guarantee you will embrace the world through different eyes. This time, it really will be your Oyster!

What Brain Management offers is a Whole-Life System for the Whole person that you are -- a system that you can live with.

The Brain Management Seminar is different from other seminars. “Independent Thinking” and individual based goal setting -- inspire you and bring you to true happiness. You are given the tools for SELF-MOTIVATION, not relying on another “rev-up” of positive motivation seminars. Brain Management was developed independent of all other mind disciplines.

We specialize teaching one complete seminar -- NOT segmented. Presented in smaller, intimate groups enhance your results.

We teach you how to use and benefit yourself by using the Brain Management Process. Visit us at eBRAIN.com.au, MINDtoMIND.com/blog/ or email brainy@ebrain.com.au

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Shannon Panzo is the Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students/clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography--your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

You can find complete information on Shannon Panzo and his products by visiting his blog at MindtoMind.com

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