What is your deepest desire for the New Year? Is it more love, money or balance? Is it less weight, stress or debt? Before you make a list of New Years resolutions consider fulfilling all of your desires through one powerful resolve - Extreme Self Love.

Focus your intention and committed action on Extreme Self Love and everything from vibrant health to financial abundance will be yours. Extreme Self Love ignites the Law of Attraction heightening your spiritual awakening simultaneously by sending the most powerful source of energy into your mind, body, spirit and the Universe.

One key to the Law of Attraction is feeling good, what could make you feel better than Extreme Self Love? Another key to the Law of Attraction is to increase your energy vibration, what could give you a higher vibration than Extreme Self Love?

Spiritual practice guides you within, what could send more light into your heart and soul than Extreme Self Love? There is nothing more powerful in healing yourself and the world than becoming a source of Extreme Self Love.

With Extreme Self Love as your daily practice, you are guided toward actions that fulfill your desires simply and naturally. Rather than restricting what you eat, Extreme Self Love will send healthy food and love into your body.

When you're torn between working two more hours at the office or working out, turn toward Extreme Self Love for the answer.

When your life is out of balance let Extreme Self Love guide you toward healthy boundaries and the words to ask for what you need.

Devote yourself to Extreme Self Love and get ready to receive.

Author's Bio: 

Cindy’s natural gift is to listen beyond words as she guides women to thrive in every aspect of life from home, work, love, body and soul. She is an Author, Coach, Speaker and the Creator of Life Cultivation, a dynamic fusion of eastern and western practices. Life Cultivation transforms your personal or business life through one-on-one coaching, books, workshops and FREE online member program. Cindy founded BringUtoLife.com and CindySilbert.com to inspire and guide women worldwide to realize full self-expression and lasting fulfillment. Cindy’s gift is coupled with over 25 years of experience and education in business, marketing, transformation, and coaching. She currently resides in Del Mar, California with her husband and son.