If you are going on holiday this year you will have to decide whether or not to purchase some travel insurance. A recent report found that one in five adults travelling abroad chooses to travel with no insurance at all. With the risk of theft increasing world wide, hustlers preying on tourists and the usual risks of illness, injury or cancellation it is quite a surprise that many people opt out of this cover.

There are few countries that have comparable health services to the UK and even less that we have a reciprocal arrangement with, so if you do become ill or hurt while on holiday, the expenses of getting you well enough to travel soon rack up to an expensive amount. In many countries it is not unusual for you to not only be charged for the treatment, but also the accommodation, the transport and other minor aspects like food.

Apart from insuring yourself against these hefty bills, travel insurance will protect your personal valuables. It is a sad reality that most hotel rooms and safes are easily broken into. Organised petty crime is on the rise in popular holiday destinations, with tourists being on the wrong end of hustlers and thieves. It is hard enough having to lose your savings, favourite jewellery and electronics, but at least if you are covered you will be able to somewhat replace them!

It’s a perfect nightmare; the thought of planning, packing and happily making your way to the airport to take your family on that perfect holiday, only to find out that your flight is delayed until the next day, or worse, cancelled.

Insurance policies can pay for a hotel while you wait for your flight and get your tickets for another airline to get you to your destination. Just think, the money you spend on your insurance versus having to go home and not go on holiday due to not being able to fund new tickets. You lose an awful lot more money!

Nobody likes to consider these things when they are going on vacation, but it is really important to keep a clear head and take a little time to make sure you are covered while you are away. That way you can really relax and enjoy your holidays without having to worry!

So where can you find the best travel insurance for your needs? Online price comparison sites such as moneysupermarket.com and gocompare.com should be your first sources of information. Often you can specify what features of the policy you’d like, such as whether you need your baggage covered or if you’re going on a skiing or adventure holiday.

It is important to note that every travel insurance policy includes coverage for medical expenses, which is especially important if you are traveling to a country that has no state funded healthcare system such as the United States.

Remember to bring a print out of the policy with you on holiday to avoid any problems and take into account any time differences when calling your insurer from abroad.

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