Change can be difficult – and that is because - we want to leap forward to the place where we want to be – land do it quickly – so we can avoid the pain of change.

I am learning (and it is a difficult lesson) – cause those who know me know I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON – but the Divine has a funny way of teaching you exactly what you need to know – so I am surrendering to that Love.

Surrendering is not giving up – it is actually the most courageous thing you can do – surrendering is trusting in your Divine - your God – the Universe – to bring you peace, love and light – and I am realizing my best days are the days – when I simply take it one day at a time – and surrender.

The first and only step to surrendering is to go 'One step at a time'.

"What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step." - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

I know that the prospect of changing and growing seem monumental – and at times you feel (like I did) – it can be too much to tackle – but when you focus on one single day – on one single step - and only that day and only that step – your challenges seem small – and manageable – but when you focus on the entire – race/journey – you become overwhelmed and unfocused – and become frustrated and lost.

Then consider this approach. Take a single step to affirm that you are open to the messages from the Divine – and affirm daily that where you are at this very moment is exactly - where you need to be – to be open to the new experiences are coming your way.

With every single step you are letting go of fear, anger, hatred and preconceived ideas of how you should be – what you must do – and you are embracing the neutrality of simply being and living in the trust/faith of following the Spirit.

And soon you begin to see that your situation is neither good or bad – but rather a necessary experience that is happening to you – to bring you to a higher connection to your Divine – this is when your journey will not seem so difficult.
A journey is made of many tiny small steps.

Don’t focus on a far-off destination when you are confused and don't even know how to get there – sometimes we want to go to New York – but we are so convinced that the right way is to use a map of Toronto – no matter how you convince your self that the Toronto map is the right way – it will never, ever get you to the Big Apple.

When we simply let go -and let God – amazing things will happen – answers will come – problems will disappear – peace will be felt – and joy will be achieved – and true freedom will be yours.
So create a path to new places by taking it one step at a time.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Ophelia is a spiritual life coach who blends the best of two worlds: as an experienced intuitive with over 4000 online consulting sessions, Ophelia's practice is underscored by professional training and education in psychology and life coaching. As an ordained metaphysical minister, Ophelia is uniquely qualified to apply her blend of powerful intuition and practical problem solving to clients with difficult issues to address.

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