I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “One day when I do this, I will be really happy.” “One day when I retire, I am going to start traveling and I will truly be happy.” One day, when I fall in love with that perfect someone, I will finally be happy.” “One day, I am going to make lots of money and then I will be so happy then.”?

I am here to tell you that for almost everyone who makes those statements, that happiness will never come. Permanent happiness doesn’t come with the purchase of a car. Permanent happiness doesn’t come with a perfect body. Permanent happiness doesn’t come with a dream vacation. Permanent happiness comes from within. Permanent happiness comes with power and control over your thoughts and actions. Permanent happiness comes when you wake up in the morning dripping with enthusiasm. Permanent happiness comes when you can’t wait to get your day started.

Why would you want to wait to find that happiness when you can live that happiness now? Trust me, buying the things that you desire will only give you temporary happiness. You must live your life with permanent happiness if you truly want to live your dream life. I have always been a super motivated person. This motivation made me very successful throughout my life. This motivation also led me to want to buy all kinds of materialistic things that I didn’t really need. I used to think that buying the things that I had always wanted would make me happier than I already was. I thought that I would become happier if I was able to buy more materialistic things all the time. All that did was make me want to buy more. When the ether of my purchases would disappear, I was left wanting more. I soon found out that buying materialistic things would not let me live my dream life like I thought it would.

When did I start to live my dream life? I started living my dream life when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a motivational speaker. It was something that I had dreamed of since my first Tony Robbins presentation at the age of 22. People would always compliment me on my determination and motivation. People would always tell me that my personality as a GO GETTER was unforgettable. I would always tell these people, “One day, I want to become a motivational speaker.” I didn’t pursue that dream until several months after I had the worst night of my life. (For the story about the worst night of my life, please check out http://hoomancan.com/blog/?p=42.)

When I turned the worst night of my life into the best night of my life, my dreams all came true. Since I made the decision to chase my dream, I have found an unlimited amount of happiness. Ever since I took total control over my thoughts and actions, my life has been unbelievable. I found a permanent happiness that all the money in the world can’t buy. I found a happiness that I truly believe that is only going to get better by the day.

Now I am more materialistic than ever, except the material thing that I am after is unlimited mind power. Now I am more committed to constant and never ending improvement like I had never been before. Now I believe I can achieve anything I desire. If I achieved this incredible status of unlimited happiness by just changing my thoughts, then you can achieve this permanent happiness too.

Before my life changing experience, I truly thought I had it all. Looking back, I can’t believe how little I had. I am living proof that no matter what happens to you, you can overcome. It is never too late to chase your dream. You don’t want to tell your grandchildren one day that you could have, you should have, but you only ended up SHOULDIN all over yourself.

Just remember, you can achieve anything you believe with power and control over your thoughts and actions. I don’t care what is going on with the economy, I know that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. I believe in you.... Do you believe in you? Now is the time to take your passion, and make it happen. Go get them GO GETTER.

Author's Bio: 

Hooman Hamzehloui is a Motivational Speaker. Please visit hoomancan.com to learn more.