Look into the nearest mirror. Are you frustrated . . . unhappy in your life and dissatisfied in your body? Are you unable to achieve long-term weight loss, end emotional or stress eating, build confidence, or overcome depression? How do you talk the person looking back at you?

The person staring back at you is the only person responsible for your success. Cutting your self down, or honing in on all your perceived faults will not motivate you into a successful, happy person. Right now, set all of your mind chatter aside, take a breath, and smile! Learn how to use creative visualization to help you gain positive energy to move beyond your roadblocks and live the life of your dreams.

To begin, find a moment when you are completely alone. Bravely walk to a full-length mirror and get a good look at yourself. Do you see an entire human being there? Do you see yourself as a complete package, a person with a mind, body, spirit, and life energy? On the other hand, do you see yourself as a collection of different body parts - a fat stomach, imperfect skin, ugly thighs, or a big butt?

Thoughts of misaligned or flawed body parts are merely judgements you have made. If you look closely enough you could find flaws and imperfections on every human body. Notice the people in your life when taken apart into pieces are not attractive. No one is beautiful when you dissect them into a bunch of parts and pieces. However, as a whole, they are enchanting, striking, have a magnetic air, or you just feel good around them.

To raise your self-acceptance, begin to create a new vision of yourself by looking for something like this in your self-image. Visualize a presence surrounding you, or a certain charm that draws others to you. Note that at some point in your life, you have already felt this. Life was going well, you were succeeding in some way, or you felt loved. See the person in the mirror surrounded by this kind of charismatic energy.

Spend some time every day seeing it, drawing it into your body, feeling it, and then expanding the feeling. Let yourself feel good in your own body. By raising your self-acceptance, you feel more alive, more confident, and more willing to give yourself the successful outcomes you desire.

Self-acceptance is simply how you see yourself. It is the running dialog you have with yourself, and the way you feel about yourself. Living the life of your dreams, feeling happy, or creating a thinner body begins right now, in this moment. It begins as you look into the mirror and create a working partnership with your body. Visualizing self-acceptance prepares you to act and be successful.

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