Many struggling oil and gas producers have big ideas but find their projects postponed indefinitely while they struggle to find funding.

However, one company, Commonwealth Capital Advisors, a 10-year-old investment banking advisory firm, released a new software module, Oil & Gas Producer, which is designed to revolutionize the creation and capitalization of start-up and early-stage oil and gas producers.

Oil & Gas Producer is an addition to the highly acclaimed Financial Architect, a software-based system for capitalizing operating companies that simplifies equity financing for start-up and early-stage companies.

The easy-to-use, software-based Oil & Gas Producer generates the required securities-offering documents and investor leads, which enable start-up and early-stage oil and gas producers, oil and gas drillers, and field and production engineers to raise and manage an unlimited amount of capital for oil and gas acquisition and or production.

"We want to help entrepreneurs involved in the oil and gas industry significantly lower the costs and increase the speed of raising equity capital," said Timothy Hogan, CCA's chairman and CEO. "Just as important, we want to provide oil and gas producers and their professional management teams with an easy-to-use, expert system that will enable them to choose the right deal structure for the capital they need, and manage those funds with full discretionary authority and in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations."

The software will help entrepreneurs valuate the company, find marketable deal structures for securities, generate legal documents and access accredited "angel" investors, private equity funds, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and many other sources of capital around the world, that have a specific interest in funding start-up and early-stage oil and gas companies.

"We believe there's significant and growing demand among entrepreneurs for control over their financing strategies," said Hogan.

If you have not been through the process before, try reading the free, abridged edition of "The Secrets of Wall Street -; Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies." Visit the CCA's official Web site at and enter code 1492.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Hogan has over 22 years experience in the Investment Banking and Securities Industry, held Six (6) NASD securities licenses and registrations primarily of "Principal" status. Mr. Hogan is a former Director of Compliance and Senior Trading Principal for North American Financial Group, Inc. a SEC Registered Investment Bank and Securities Broker. Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee for North American Capital Advisors, Inc. a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm. Mr. Hogan supervised the management of eight internal departments in relation to Federal and State(s) securities laws, as well as, overall firm productivity, operational systems design and technological implementation. Mr. Hogan has been a Founding Principal of seven entrepreneurial endeavors, including an eighteen-hole championship golf course and real estate development, a software development firm, other Internet related businesses, as well as, an investment banking company. He has held board and executive committee seats on various firms. His securities industry training started in 1984 with a few large securities brokerage and investment banking firms, such as, Merrill Lynch, E. F. Hutton and Shearson Lehman Brothers, now known as, Salomon/Smith Barney a Member of Citigroup. Mr. Hogan holds a double major (Marketing & Finance) Bachelors of Business Administration from Grand Valley State University's Seidman College of Business.

Mr. Hogan is the Author of the Book: “The Secrets of Wall Street: Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies”, founding principal of Commonwealth Capital Advisors and the creator of the Financial Architect System™.