Ever thought about what yields the greatest return on investment? The title of this article is a good starting point for you to understand the greatest return on investment.

As a member of a millionaire mentorship program, I work with investors who work with commercial and residential real estate, oil and gas, stocks and bonds, promissory notes, and MLM programs. Make no mistake about it, having diverse multiple streams of income is great, however the greatest retun on investments comes by way of obtaining free grant money.

What? That's correct, applying for and obtaining free grant money by far, yields the greatest return on investments.

I'll explain why you should include grants in your wealth building strategy. First of all, I want you to analyze how much it initially cost you to invest in real estate, oil and gas, stocks and bonds, promissory notes and other investments.

In most cases you had to provide upfront dollars to invest in the instruments listed above. If you were to establish a nonprofit organization you will pay for incorporating your entity and file the IRS paperwork to receive tax exempt status.

As you can see, establishing a nonprofit has very little overhead coast associated with it and you can apply for and receive free grant money for your nonprofit prior to receiving tax exempt status.

When it comes to receiving a return on investment, obtaining free grant money yields the greatest return of all because it requires very little money. Compared to investing in real estate, oil and gas, stocks and bonds, and other investment instruments, obtaining free grant money yields the greatest return.

Establishing a nonprofit is not difficult, all you need is a clear vision for strengthening your community. In the end, you will help improve the condition of people, the environment or both.

Each year the U.S. government distributes over $415 billion of free grant money to nonprofits. Isn't it time for you to learn how to receive your share of free grant money?

In fact, what is it going to take for you to start learning how to obtain free grant money and get out of your own way in the process?

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Author's Bio: 

Paul Lawrence Vann is CEO, Wealth Building Academy located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. He has over 28 years of contracting and grants experience having served over 20 years in the United States Air Force. In 2002, Mr. Vann retired in the rank of lieutenant colonel and founded Laurel Wreath Communications a speaking, training, seminar and consulting company. He earned a M.S. Contracts and Acquisition Management from Florida Institute of Technology, and M.A. Business Management from Central Michigan University. The National Contract Management Association awarded Paul with a Professional Designation in Contract Management. He led organizations and managed over $3.6 billion of contracts and grants for the U.S. government.