Did you know that it's been estimated that 75% of overeating is because of our emotions?

Just imagine how much weight we could lose if we would
just address this problem! With that in mind here
are three quick tips to preventing and overcoming
emotional eating:

#1 Practice Being Deleriously Happy

Sounds simple I know but it actually WORKS! How tempted
are you to eat emotionally when you are happy,
challenged, living and enjoying life to the fullest?
Find things to be happy about. Be thankful for special
people in your life. Do something outrageously
fun--whatever it takes! Happiness will ward off the
worst Emotional Eating blues!

#2) Have a Nurture List:

Make a list of all the ways you can nurture yourself
BESIDES eating. It might be taking a bubble bath or
going shopping at your favorite boutique. Anything
that you really enjoy. I call this my "backup list".
All the things I can do BESIDES eating that are ways I
can practice MAJOR self-care. Put it up where you can
see it. It's amazing what happens when you give
yourself options!

#3)Practice Prevention

Stop emotional eating before it starts! How many times
do we start to feel a little blue, or bored, slightly
upset and then continue on without addressing it?
Before we know it, we're in a full-scale storm and it's
REALLY hard to fight off that call of the brownies or
the potato chips. Be vigilant. If something bothers
you, address it right away (even if it's only within
your head!) and deal with it.

You CAN prevent a lot of emotional eating if you practice these tips! (And of course that means weight loss for you!)

Author's Bio: 

Kathryn O'Neill is a certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist as well as a weight mastery coach. You can find more articles at her website: www.weightmasterycoach.com