When there is a heavy rainstorm, the next day the rivers are muddy. Likewise when high frequency energy has gone through your body, the old gets stirred up and released. In the release, the emotions can and may surface along with all the old debris. Allow all your emotions to come out. Sometimes you feel worse, and then you feel better than you did before. Drink lots of water. Your body is releasing lots of old toxins and water flushes out the old. Be gentle with yourself; send yourself gratitude for what you are going through.

Move your body as you send gratitude allowing the gratitude to start to flow into all the suck blocked places. Stretch the parts that hurt. Move and wiggle through the pain into delight. Allow the delight to spread as your body moves to its own inner heartbeat and rhythm. Put on some great music and dance around. With different kinds of music your body will move in different ways. Sometimes you may want soft, slithering oozing music, while at other moments a pulsating, pounding rhythm is helpful. Your body likes to move through different states as it unwinds the past. Using only a few types of music may limit your results. Explore! As you explore new music, your body will open in new ways allowing the delight and joy to cascade into yet another hidden recess in your body, moving you closer to sensuous delight in your body.

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