Self-pride is your sense of your own value or worth as a person. It is how much you like, accept, approve, and respect yourself. You can recognize yourself as worthy and capable of loving and being loved. Or, your self-pride can be the biggest stumbling block to living the successful, happy life you want to live. Self-pride effects how you act in every situation, what you say and do, and how your feel about yourself. It is a continuous influence on your perception of life.

Imagine that you arrive into the world with an inner ball of white light. This light lives inside of you providing warmth and love, and offering meaning to your life. As you go through each day, the choices you make effects this white ball. If you make decisions with a favorable attitude towards yourself, nurturing your own strengths, confidence, and body, your core of white light will grow ever more radiant. Your inner beauty, intuition, creativity, and wisdom expand and you feel more empowered. If however, you make decisions with an unfavorable attitude towards yourself, demeaning your own talents, efforts, and body, your white light will fade. As a result, you will feel loneliness, anxiety, resentment, irritability, or depression.

The pride you have within yourself determines your success or failure in everything. Contemplate for a moment what you really think about yourself. Take a look in the mirror and notice your self chatter. Catch yourself in a mistake of some sort and become conscious of your internal dialog. Notice the type of conversation that goes through your head when you reach an obstacle, have a setback, or are unable to achieve your goals. Sadly, many of us have deep feelings that who we are is flawed, unlovable, or unacceptable. Every mistake, setback, or evidence of an imperfect body is proof that we do not deserve to love ourselves, or to be loved.

Do you like you? Are you able to think of yourself as one who has many desirable qualities and attributes, or do you dwell on your perceived flaws and failures? Your beliefs help to create your experience of every situation. You create your attitude, your body, and your world – for better or for worse.

If you strongly believe:

• you do not like yourself,

• you are not a good human being,

• you do not deserve happiness,

• the worst will always happen,

• you never do anything right

• that success will take too long or be too much work,

• or that you are inadequate in any way,

you will create this reality for yourself. Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself – true or false – are the power that create your life experience.

If you have accepted an idea of inferiority concerning your looks, your attributes, or your ability to be successful, stop and rethink your position. This type of negative thinking will not help you achieve a happy life. If you want to achieve happiness, success, or inner peace, decide to put your energy into raising your self-pride. Instead of being your own worst enemy, you can be your own best friend. Find ways to strengthen your belief that you are already quite extraordinary. Do not wait for the outcome of a goal or the end result of weight loss. Begin, right now, today, to cultivate your belief in yourself.

Ironically, it is when you believe in yourself and gain positive self-pride (exactly the way you are right now) that you are far more likely to achieve the goals and dreams that you desire. Self-pride means appreciating your own worth and importance, having the character to be accountable for yourself, and the ability to act responsibly toward creating a great life for your self.

Tremendous potential lies within you, waiting to be discovered and used. You may choose to blame yourself and feel guilty because of your mistakes and shortcomings. Or you may choose to affirm yourself because of all your good qualities. Every decision you make either helps awaken the positive core light within your self or further blocks its expression. Make the choice to focus on the positive self, in yourself and others.

These empowering 10 tips will help you develop a strong, enduring sense of self-pride that will help you create a life that you will love living:

1. People with poor self-esteem often fail to give themselves enough time and space. So find 10 minutes every day to be alone and to just sit and do nothing. Build quiet time into your schedule, perhaps before everyone else gets up out of bed, during a midmorning break, or after the kids are asleep. Quiet time is when you shut out as much outside interference as possible. You may take a gentle walk, or simply be still and breathe. During this 10 minutes, allow yourself to feel peaceful and happy. Enjoy this quiet time. It is yours - and yours alone. And you deserve it. Setting aside 10 minutes of quite time everyday is a very caring thing to do for your mind, body, and emotional life.

2. One of the most common ways to raise your self-esteem is to expand your comfort zone by taking a risk and being successful doing so. Listen to what your body, mind, and spirit are telling you. Follow the signs of excitement and choose a personally meaningful goal, life direction, or dream that you are willing to put time, effort, and personal energy into. Deciding to choose a meaningful life direction provides value to your time, and offers meaning to your life. Choose something and follow through. Celebrate your efforts, and praise your successes. With time, your words of support will allow your inner white light to expand and fill you with warmth and self-appreciation.

3. Take very good care of yourself. Instead of “behaving well”, or doing the “right” thing, listen to your body and treat yourself with love. Listen inwardly and eat foods that make you feel more alive, before and after eating them. Engage in activity that boosts your endorphins and self-esteem. This is not the same as exercising to lose weight. Instead, move your body because your butt says you have been sitting on your office chair for far too long, or your legs needs to stretch, or your lungs are crying out for some fresh air and sunshine.

4. Encourage yourself to be a creative, imaginative problem solver. Instead of falling into overwhelm, worrying, or giving up when you meet adversity, ask your inner creative self to come up with an optimistic solution. Wait for the creative solution to arrive.

5. Accept responsibility for your actions, and accept the consequences of your actions. You are an adult, and allowed to make choices. Naturally, all choices have consequences. You get to decide if you like the outcomes of your choices. You are not a good boy or girl based on undesirable outcomes, rather you are an empowered person capable of learning from your experiences. Use your wisdom to make new self-supportive decisions.

6. Encourage yourself through new experiences with “I believe in me” messages. Trust that as long as you put effort toward your desired outcome, you will achieve success. You may not know when success will arrive, or exactly how you will achieve it. However, continue to pump belief into what you declare that you deserve in your lifetime, and with time and action you will be able to achieve it.

7. Look to the future with excitement, a sense of adventure and optimism. Recognize yourself as a person worthy of success, and spend time visualizing your success. Decide to focus on specific dreams, aspirations, and hopes for the future. Take some sort of action everyday that helps to increase your excitement for living.

8. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Understand that problems, conflicts, and failures are a part of life. When you make mistakes, smile and hug yourself. Provide yourself with the comfort your really need. Let yourself know this world is a safe place if you choose to make it a safe place. You can learn to encourage and support yourself through the good times and especially the bad times. Love that you are overcoming fear and attempting something new – no matter what the outcome. When an occasional failure is experienced – get up, dust yourself off, access the wisdom gained, believe in yourself, and begin again.

Action Step:

Move up your practice of raising your self-pride to front and center. For the next week, plan to find daily opportunities to say “I am very proud of you!” Develop a journal and every day write down five statements of self-appreciation. Write with feeling. Be smiling. Be amazed. Write down, “I am VERY proud of myself because I -- - -----!” Put it in a convenient place – your refrigerator, computer monitor, office desk, or the table beside your bed. Read it over to yourself at least several times a day to keep reminding yourself of how great you are!

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