Zero is a cipher, which is the mathematical symbol (0)
indicating absence of quantity. It is not a number. It is
symbolic of nothing, yet everything. It intensifies the
energy of numbers next to it when residing in multiple-
digit numbers. Thus, 20 is more potent than 2, and 7000
is more potent than 70.

In certain positions in the comprehensive numerology charts,
a zero with a root number (1-9) can designate more demanding
karma. In other positions, it indicates success that comes
easy. Elsewhere in the charts, it symbolizes character
deficiencies. Still in other positions, it points to a stronger
symbolic connection to the unseen dimensions, similar to that
represented by the numbers 7, 9, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77,
88, and 99. Whether it is representative of malefic or benefic
energy also depends on the related aspects and patterns
throughout the charts.

Zero is like a direct link to the higher planes, symbolically
bringing down energy to be used in benevolent or malevolent
ways in accordance with the collective symbolic representation
of the patterns in the charts. In other words, it might appear
as if someone with excessive positive representation of zero
in their charts has a heightened ability to make great
contributions in other’s lives, for example. Or, someone with
an opposite arrangement might gain infamy through outrageous

Note that it’s always best to cross-check all impressions and
that any one consideration can be mitigated or supported by

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