That realization can put fear and joyous expectation into us at the same time. What? you ask. How could anyone be afraid to succeed. Well, it's like this.

There's a part of us that wants to express life at our highest and best and a part of us that fears the challenges we'll confront and the changes we'll have to make.

Change can be scary. We want to grow, but growth means change. No way around it. Even if we're not completely happy with the way things are, we can get comfortable knowing how things usually turn out. Predictability feels safe because we know how to cope with it.

Taking on something new means we'll have to learn some new ways of thinking and doing things. When we take on something new and all the challenges that go along with it, we have to confront our weaknesses and flaws as well as discover our strengths. With change, we're faced with finding out the truth about ourselves.

What are we really made of? Can we stand up to the challenges of learning new skills, of putting them to work successfully and of meeting problems we're not familiar with ?

If you're considering presenting a workshop for the first time, writing a book, expanding your business or changing work, you have a desire within you to grow. It will continue to bubble and brew until you follow it through. Even then, with each step forward, that desire will find new ways to express

. Success isn't the same as being perfect. You can make mistakes and still be successful. It's the journey, you know, that causes us to grow. So, tuck your fear under your arm and move ahead.

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Jan Noyes has written a popular, informative manual, "How to Create and Present a Successful Workshop", that can be used by anyone, regardless of experience.

This manual is unique because it takes you clearly through each step of planning, preparation and presentation. Jan uses her knowledge of teaching, neurolinguistics and accelerated learning to guide you to success.

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