In this world there are deserving people and there are less deserving people. Those who deserve have access to other people and places that you do not. And for the ones who deserve they will not accept you as an equal and will try and keep you out of their deserving club. So you can forget about an audience with the Pope, Queen or the head of your country. And as for God, it will never happen.

I haven't been in a Church since I was a young teenager. I rejected Christianity not too long after I began to think. I couldn't hold onto the idea that I was a child of God and not deserving of his love and or to sit at his side. Although the comparison is metaphorical it was just plain crap to me. What child is not deserving of his father's love unless it is he that thinks so.

At the request of my new girlfriend, I agreed to attend a meeting at the church she was teaching Sunday school. She said the church was very progressive and upbeat. The last time I was at church the women dressed up and the men wore ties. At this church everyone was in street cloths and huddled in little groups laughing and enjoying each others company or talking loudly over the pews. The kids were running around and out of control. This was far different that the starch atmosphere of the churches I attended. I was beginning to think that there might be some positive changes in the sermon as well and I was looking forward to rest hearing an uplifting message.

A guest speaker was in the house today so the regular minister asked him to perform the opening prayer and he agreed. Everyone became silenced and he asked them to bow their heads - I don't bow my head. So I watching as he began by raising his arms.

He started; "Lord we are so unworthy" and at that second my heart lay broken on a less deserving old wooden floor. Now I remember why I stopped attending church. I was in a room with people that were less worthy than I. After more than 40 years these people are still not worthy - they hadn't evolved at all. What a pile of B…. It's no wonder they will never find God. To be with God you have to deserve, and for the last forty years and the thousands of years before that, they're not there yet. They're just not getting it! You don't have to be deserving to be what you already are, and you are God manifesting in the individualized physical body of God. I am God experiencing being Roy in the physical world. "I am" that I am Roy.

In his books "Conversations with God," God explains that we are all God, that Neale Donald Walsch is God. However, he cautioned that it would not be smart to go around calling yourself God. For obvious reasons - the less deserving would not recognize you. More than likely they would put you on trial for crimes against humanity if they did recognize you.
As God I would say to you, that you are deserving, but you will not experience that deservingness until you believe that you are. It is simply a choice; you are or you are not. And as long as you continue to attend meetings that tell you, you are not, you will never be. As soon as you wake up to that understanding, you will know that you are already where you say you want to be. You will know your heritage and your true nature.

Before religion came along; you were deserving and you were one with everything that you imagined or created. But the church put it all into perspective for you - their perspective. If I told you that you are not deserving to sit with me, you would argue with me and get very angry. However, if religion, with its own agenda tells you that you are undeserving to be God or even at his side; you will accept it unconditionally because the one who tells you this is more deserving than you and that is why you pay homage to their worlds and you believe them.

I have nothing against you being less deserving, because it is simply a step you must go through before you become deserving - it is appropriate. What you are is on your way to be deserving. But time is an illusion and you will always be undeserving because every step is frozen in time.
In order to experience being God you must rearrange your thoughts. If God is pure then so must you be, and you must know that what you are now is pure. You must have the awareness of God not being God and being God at the same time.

In order to be pure gold, nothing can be added to it except pure gold, otherwise it becomes something else. Yet, pure gold is made of the same atoms that you are, and atoms are brought together as molecules and molecules are arranged to form a substance known as gold.

Thoughts are the same way. What you think you create. If you think you are undeserving, that is what you will experience. If however you know yourself as deserving as God, then you will experience being God experiencing the physical world not as undeserving, but as a human being undeserving.

Although this seems to be going around in a circle; this is exactly how we talk ourselves out of experiencing what we truly desire. We have doubts and we accept them and it becomes are reality. You do not have to go around telling people you are God, but you do need to accept that you are God in a physical body experiencing the physical world. What this gives you is independence and personal power to change any aspect of your life that you do not wish to experience. All the people around you are as deserving as you; they just don't know that yet, and it is what is holding them back.
If you believe that it is too much responsibility for you accept that you are God, then you can create something or someone that is a little more deserving than what you are now, but not as deserving as God. It is simply another step to get to where you are going anyway. That is what life is; it's all about experiencing getting there, and it is an illusion because you are already there.

From this place of knowing you will be able to call "B.S." the next time someone raises their arms and says "Lord we are so unworthy." At the same time you will know that it is appropriate for them to say that considering their model of the world and what step they are resting one. From this position of being the "silent observer" life will move easier for you as you create your new world - not as a victim, by as a creator. Not as unworthy, but as the most worthy!

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Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published spiritual author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Teacher and Phenomenologist. Think outside the box - discover who you really are. "Led Down the Garden Path" By Roy E. Klienwachter ISBN 142515021 -7
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