When you hear no you're hearing it for a very good reason. You’re told no because: you don’t know how to market yourself so you’re talking to the right people for the right reason, you don’t know how to use your marketing as a filtration process, you don’t ask enough questions when you’re talking to prospects, and you don’t listen to what your prospects are telling you. Once you understand why you’re being told no and how to change that you can increase your insurance sales success.

Marketing is the push that will start the heavy stone wheel rolling for your insurance sales success. Running around trying to glad hand everyone you meet, and calling complete strangers for no apparent reason is exactly what you don’t want to do. The whole purpose of marketing is to generate leads for people who want to know more about doing business with you. You can make that happen when you understand what they want and you can communicate it clearly to the right people.

As you hear no you start feeling both rejected and dejected. What you really want to be doing is disqualifying people yourself. You want to sort out the people who aren’t right for what you have to offer to find the people who are. If you want to achieve insurance sales success one of the hardest lessons you have to learn and accept is that everyone is not a prospect for you. Identify and focus on attracting the people who are prospects.

The job of your marketing is to get you the appointments you need so you can sell someone something. When you get the appointment you already know they’re a good prospect if you’ve done your marketing correctly. So when you hear no in the appointment it’s because you didn’t ask enough questions. You didn’t earn the sale because you didn’t find out what the prospect really wanted. They don’t think you understand them and their needs so they told you no.

Asking the right questions is really important, but so is listening to what your prospects tell you. Have you ever had that happen to you? A salesperson asked you a question and then they just steamed ahead with their agenda even though it didn’t make sense based on your response. Here’s a personal example. As a new chamber member I got a call from a financial advisor inviting me to a networking event he was hosting for other new members. When I got to the event it wasn’t a networking event at all, but rather a sales pitch. Several days after this “networking” event the financial advisor called me up and wanted me to switch my investments over to him. When I responded no he continued the conversation as though I had said yes. How do you think I reacted? I was angry just like your prospects are angry when you ask them a question and then fail to listen to what they really told you. If you want to achieve insurance sales success make sure you sharpen your sales skills. The free sales skills analysis is a good way to check yourself.

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