My dog is 6 years old. She is a Shiba Inu.... about 25 pounds and looks like a red fox.... She reminds me very day what unconditional love really is. No matter what is happening she is happy. She greats me with her own excitement consistently. I wonder often if dogs were our teachers how would the human race be different?

  • We would bark at strangers, but quickly get s sense of who we can trust.
  • We would be happy when a loved one comes to home greeting them with PURE JOY.
  • We would be eager to join in and eat together.
  • We would cuddle up every night no matter how the day went.
  • We would exercise often because we enjoy it.
  • We would love the wind in the air.
  • We would be spunky on cool mornings.
  • We would see a 'friend' ahead and run to greet them.
  • We would protect those we loved no matter what.
  • We would know when someone needed a 'lick of love.'
  • We would play with strangers that also wanted to play.
  • We would lay in the sun more.
  • We would play in the snow more.
  • We would enjoy moments.

Let's be more like our dogs.

In love and gratitude of Niki, the dog.


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